Dairy Free: Day One

So. This is going to be completely boring for anyone else, so feel free to move onto the next, far more interesting blog in your reader. Go on then, off you go. No? Ok, well don’t say I didn’t warn you.

After much deliberation and hours trawling the net I have decided to give Harper a little dairy free trial diet. Because I googled it, and it MUST be true. Right?! Well, lots of those baby forums had many, many, many examples of mothers with the same issues with their kids. Runny nappies? Check! Poo explosions? Check! Eczema flare ups? Check! A few of them tried wheat free diets (many found that farex was the problem with eczema flare ups) and others all moved to a diary free – soy based/rice based formula and they saw results. Less itch, less poo, and more sleep.

So….what do I have to loose? I have started her on a soy formula, as well as getting a Inner health probiotic called Eczema Shield. I will cut out the farex and stick to just fruits and vegies for a few days and see what happens. Best case, I could end up with a child that is less itchy, less pooing, and maybe even (shock! horror!) sleeping through the night. And there is NOTHING wrong with that! Worse case, she will be as she is now (or actually worse but let’s not go there shall we?!)

And, of course, I will discuss with her GP and get a referral to a dermatologist and food allergy doc just to be sure (but as IF I & google won’t be right). There may be some updates on poo along the way too – so be warned!

Sigh…I used to be an interesting person before I had kids…


  1. you’re still interesting…but in a grown up motherly type way!!!!Besides, everyone will be “itching” to know how sweet baby does. Proud of you for trying….see, mothers and aunties sometimes make sense??? X

  2. Good idea! Yes google and I arre good friends to – I often say to the Mr if I could combine Google & Ikea into a man I would run away with him. Sounds like a good idea for Harper – I had to make Chloe dairy free for a while now – we tried her on dairy and she freaked out and would only sleep for about two hours a day but of it she is much better. Hope it works well for you x

  3. I think your interesting!

    Doctors must hate us self diagnosing our children! Google is too my best friend!

    We tried a dairy free diet for Byron because of his skin and behaviour issues. It helped the itching a little, didnt do squat for his attitude! Damn..

    Hope it works for you, nothing worse then an itchy bubba!

  4. LOL, its okay we ALL used to be interesting, now we are just interesting to each other!!

    My eldest daughter, now 5, used to have ear infections. Shortly after the first MMR jab (just sayin’) they began, and for the next six months we were on non stop anti biotics and one endlessly sick crying kid. It was horrific. The doctors were talking about operations and putting in grommits. But my naturopath said drop dairy. So I did.

    Not only have we had three ear infections since then (so that’s in three years or so) but we also found out that hubby is really dairy intolerant as well, and the asthma he’d had all his life was massively reduced.

    Hubs is still off dairy, but both my kids are fine with it, though really its in the form of cheese more than anything, but the odd chocolate milk does no harm. I live for dairy products, and though by default I eat less now, I still have milk in my tea and on my cereal.

    The kids love rice milk – its sweet, and actually I don’t mind it so much either, and it goes well with museli. Also we’re trying this new A2 milk which has the protein most people have difficulty with, removed.

    So anyway, I know its a bit of a daunting change, but good luck with it all. 🙂

  5. Oh AND, a lot of commercially made bread has “milk solids” in it, eg, Burgen. I make my own now (in the breadmaker). But Baker’s Delight bread is all dairy free.

    Okay, going away now 🙂

    Its just so nice to share my hard won advice!!

  6. Keep in mind that sometimes babies who are allergic to milk also have a soy intolerance. So it is possible that problems won’t resolve with the soy. Many times it does, but just wanted to give you a heads up on this!

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