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Upon reflection since this was posted an hour ago I have realised just what a spoilt, middle class whinge this appears to be. I mean yes, yes I am bitching about nappies not holding my daughters poo. At least my daughter has nappies right? And has access to immunisation right? And lucky for me I have money to buy groceries (if I could be bothered to buy them) right? And poor diddums who missed out on a beautiful house. Woe is me. I know. I KNOW. And no one is watching your husband’s TV show? That he was paid money to make and able to do something he loves and be creative and all that? I KNOW! I am slapping myself for the pathetic nature of this rant. You don’t need to tell me. I am aware. I know. I am a spoilt little so and so. I get it.

Original post follows…

I feel like I should have something funny to say. A funny little story about Daisy, or Harper, or about how I was so funny somewhere that people were asking to be my friend. Alas no.

I am feeling a little low today. Not sure why.
I have woken with a sore throat. Again. Had this last week which then moved into my nose and eventually down to my chest which had me yesterday sounding like I am partial to a pack o’ 50 horizons a day. But this morning? Razor throat. AGAIN. Did someone say boring? BORING. And poor Daise woke at 5am to tell me that it hurts when she swallows. This is going to be the winter of our discontent indeed.
Harper had ANOTHER poo explosion. This kid, I tell you, explodes at EVERY nappy change. And Huggies nappies? They have no chance with her. Each and every time she gets wet, or poo slips out the back or side. Yesterday as I was trying to get us out the door she had 3 (!) explosions which meant THREE changes of clothes in the space of 45 mins. I wish I was exaggerating for blog fodder, but alas, no. I neeeeeed to get to Aldi so I can get some of their nappies. They are in another league to others I think.
We have NO food in the house. We had NO food in the house last Tuesday when I swore that I would get around to doing the shopping but here I am a week later and things are worse. Far worse. Daisy’s lunch yesterday consisted of left over orange cake from mothers day and long life milk. Yep. And when I ran to the local shop for dinner supplies last night, I came home with bacon, a chupa chup and some real milk. I cannot get it together. Again, I neeeeeeeeed to get to the shops this morning.
I have a reeeealy annoying to do list at the moment which consists of boring things that are a major pain in the arse to do. Hard work, big effort and no reward. Like picking up something from the post office that has been sent registered post. Who does this? That little red and white slip has been sitting on my bench for almost 2 weeks now, taunting me, and yet I cannot get it together to get the girls together to get the post office. And library books? Overdue. Neeeeeed to get them back as they are almost 2 weeks late and yet the effort leaves me curling up on the couch with a pillow over my head. Harper’s 6 month needles that are overdue? Why on earth would I want to hurry to get that one done again? Denial? Yes, yes thank you.
We bid for a house at auction on the weekend and missed out. It was an amazing house. Beautiful. And I imagined myself living there. Like serious fantasies about the kitchen, and all the fabulous cooking I would do in said kitchen. And the garden – with veggie patch nonetheless – but we missed out. I mean, we weren’t even looking it just popped up and we thought why not have a go – what do we have to lose? Nothing. And I am SERIOUSLY OK with the fact that we didn’t get it, I am a big believer of if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be, so this was indeed, not meant to be – oh you get the picture. But now, after all that fantasising about that fabulous house, my little house (which incidentally I LOVED this time last week) seems small. And old. And creaky. And NOISY. Work that out.
I ROCK was on last night, and while the support from friends and family has been fabulous I feel a little down about the whole thing. And I can’t quite place just what it is for. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but whatever it was, I don’t think I am getting it. Know what I mean? Probably not. It’s like a case of post wedding blues, or post natal depression. I don’t know if I thought that all that hard work would mean something, would turn into something? When all I can think is that it is going to be a show that no one watches. Sure friends can say great work – but I think in 6 weeks time that it will just be the end of it. End of the line. And I’m not quite ready to let it go yet. Not after all that time. All that effort. All that money. All that freaking time.
Sorry about the dump. Just working through some turkey so to speak and found myself on here, as I always do, working out just how I feel about it all, and getting it out there so I can move on. Strange, public place in which to do it, but you know me, never conventional. And clearly in denial about the mundane.


  1. Sometimes you just have to say ‘ it’s one of those days!’……if it’s any help (and feel free to disregard!) With Chloe I ended up using Babylove or homebrand nappies – for some reason they stick a lot better than huggies and nothing is getting out of them suckers! I have also started internet ordering my shopping when I can’t get to the market – a lot easier and the delivery guy is cute! And we are watching I Rock…..because it rocks!!!

  2. Hi hun,

    Sounds like one of *those* days… I’ve had quite a few of late.

    On days like this, I recommend:
    If you order before midday, your groceries come the SAME day! It’s brilliant. Yes, they do charge a delivery fee, but it’s SO worth it. Groceries to your door.

    I’m also house hunting, but some days I stay away from the computer and real estate websites. Some days you just need a break from it. And as you said, you didn’t get that house for a reason. Probably had mould rising, or terrible neighbours… I know what you mean, about picturing yourself there. I do that too. Never fear, there are plenty more amazing houses out there!

    As for the nappies, I use huggies with Abigail but her poos weren’t too bad. Maybe try the BabyLove ones with the poo pouch? Pampers are supposed to be good too.


  3. You feel free to rant away lovely. Sure, there are always people worse off, but if you’re feeling crap then you deserve to feel crap for a spell! Yes, another house will turn up, but it’ll take some readjusting to move from your fantasties back to reality – that’s normal. Then when you find another house the fantasies will start up again and when it’s time, they’ll be your reality. At least they’re helping you focus on what you really want and need.

    And you know who I feel sorry for? Anyone who’s not watching I Rock – because damn it’s fine. I watched it for you, knowing that if someone close to you helped create it it had to be allright – but it’s more than allright – it’s damned good television. I’m entranced by the characters and the tale and now, I’m not watching it for you – I’m watching it for me.

    Now, get to Aldi and get some poop holding nappies. Poo explosions suck. And while you’re there get those choc-topped biscuits with the Eiffel Tower on them {Palazzo I think… sometimes you get an Eiffel Tower, sometimes just some obscure building in Europe – but isn’t that just like life…}

    Much love, much hugs xxx

  4. You need to pick yourself up a block of Lindt chocolate and some gourmet coffee beans whilst getting those nappies and take a break.
    Oh, and we have the same problem with Huggies. Because we aren’t near an Aldi, we use Snugglers, and find them a lot better.
    Hope your day is looking up soon!

  5. Anonymous says

    I still love you Bethy. Life just gets a bit complicated sometimes. And if no one watches my silly show then so be it you know? There’ll always be your number one best selling book (one day) to put us in the new house 🙂 xo

  6. WOW that’s some super pooper you’ve got there!
    The blues must be going around this week.
    Just finished watching I ROCK ep 2 and loved it. I’m doing my bit to pimp it out on Facebook!

  7. Bitch and moan all you want to. Sometimes it feels good! And everybody likes to hear that we’re not the only ones having a bad day sometimes.

    I hope things shape up asap, and Rob wins all kinds of awards for the genius he is!

  8. You know how I feel, love. I hope that hurricane shop has you feeling better.

    Plus, it looks like from the comment above, you have a very spesh hubby.

    When all else fails, there’s always wine and chocolate…


  9. Wow! There is such thing as a poo explosion!? Grrreat- think I might hold off on kids for the mo. If it’s any constellation I got a speeding fine today (double demerits) which =$300 and 6 demerit points. Ouch. Annnnnnd I think your blog is most entertaining and so well written! Gold Star for you!

  10. BETH! RE: your update, I had the very same feeling after posting my mother’s day rant. Woe, no breakfast in bed, poor me gatting great presents and having a beautiful family…. I nearly deleted my post and was quite embarrassed by it. But then I thought, no, this is my reality. Trivial as my problems may be, they felt real at the time. And for both of us a little reflection helped to realise how lucky we are. But a poo explosion ( or three!!) will always give you the shits. There’s nothing wrong with letting it get you down. Just always look for the bright side too (I’m telling myself all if this too.)

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