Delightful. Plain and Simple.

Yesterday morning I was waiting for my coffee at the cafe just near work and flipped through a Luxe magazine whereby I stumbled upon this place which took my breath away. It’s SO pretty. SO white. SO pretty.

I would quite like to visit the Tamina Thermal Spa in Switzerland this Friday. Who’s with me?

Hope your weekend is just as pretty. And relaxing. I am looking forward to a concert tonight with my husband (hello Dan Sultan I am winking at you ;)) then on Saturday I have a long awaited and very special catch up with a friend. A night away from the kids and plenty of time to just be me. Not Mother me. Or wife me. But me, me. And I can’t WAIT.


  1. Bliss on all accounts!

    Enjoy – you deserve it! x

  2. Woo hooooooo.

    PS: that place looks divine – think we need to make a booking…

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