7 months

Last week Harper turned 7 months. I know. I KNOW. It can’t be, and yet it is. The last month I would have to say has been the trickiest by far. Exploding bottoms, school sicknesses, a constant stream of sicknesses that ended up with the 4 day stay in hospital. Eczema issues, sleep issues, it’s all been one nasty 6 month related ball of ick. I distinctly remember 6 months also being a revolting age for Daisy with all these same issues, except that, for Daisy it was in August which meant the end of winter and for Harper, it’s only May so we have soooo much more winter to go…you get my drift.

But….BUT! We have had success with the switch to goats milk formula. A proven success! The poos have all but gone. We only have about 2 a day and they are more contained (and without going into too much detail) more poo like. We have not had an explosion in about a week and she hasn’t wet through in about the same time. So that’s something.

Her skin is still an issue. It drives me batty trying to work out what her triggers are, and not being able to help her when she is itchy, itchy, itchy almost breaks my heart. I hope she grows out of it (I fear that she won’t) but we are actively managing it with paediatricians and doctors and all that so I guess we are doing all we can. So that’s something.
The teeth! The teething! Last month I think we thought she had 4 on the trot. 2 top and 2 further at the bottom. We had white buds, we had stretched, tight gums and yet here we are a month later…with no teeth. It’s disappointing to say the least cause all that misery and biting and chewing and misery should lead to something…for the parents at least?!
So that’s Harper. 7 months old. Hair that stands on end a little like her sister’s did (except just at the back this time). A little weary from all her illness. 8 kilos. Lover of sweet potato and carrot and goats milk. And ever so delightful. I mean don’t you just want to squeeze her a little too tight?


  1. What a gorgeous little poppet! Let’s hope the next month will be smooth sailing! x

  2. LOVE that little lady. I miss her!

  3. Happy 7 months to your little Harper!
    Love how her hair stands up like that! So cute!


  4. I’m so glad to hear that there are little rays of sunshine after such dark days.

    I’m not so glad to hear about the six month crap-fest to come for me!

    Gorgeous pics of little Harper, just love her hair.

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