Wednesday Wind-back No. 2

This week I give you another gem in my recently found treasures held in my Mum’s garage. My parents went to the states back in the late 80’s and came back this with game for my younger sister and I. We thought it was EVER so glamorous as it was from America (and everything) and whilst we could have probably ducked down to Uncle Pete’s Toys and picked one up – it directly from the U S of A so seemed much fancier.

The object of the game (this is why I love the internet so much that I can even google it and get the description of the game!) was:

On looks alone pick your “heartthrob” from three photo cards. Then guess which guys your friends will pick. If you’re correct, you could win this dreamy dating game. You could fall in love at first sight! But be careful! Personality cards will reveal more about the guys. Some of what you learn makes them more appealing, but other things are a real turn-off. You must decide if looks or personality are more important.

Bet you didn’t realize that Johnny cracks his knuckles and bites his fingernails. Could you tell that Brad still sleeps with a Teddy Bear? And what about Greg! Did you know he eats bugs to gross out girls?

And my two Heartthrobs that I held onto as keepsakes? The two which I thought were the bees knees at the time? I give you:

Vince: A karate expert and all round nice guy. Hot no?

And even better? TREVOR. I know, you don’t need to say anything. I KNOW.

Interestingly enough, these 2 were the men that I wanted to be with when I was 10 or 11. You will see that I even wrote my name on the bottom left hand corner just to make sure no one else baggsed them. Heaven help me! Poor Rob better grow himself a mullet and get cracking on his karate lessons. Stat!
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  1. My heart is pounding! Be still my shaking legs.

  2. It’s the soulful gaze isn’t it – that’s what totally drew you in. LOVE IT!

  3. What joy these flash backs bring me. I can’t tell you how much it makes me laugh to see all the things we grew up with – AMAZING. I think my guy was Troy the blonde….?

  4. I must have been a deprived child, I have never even heard of this game! Looking forward to the next wind-back.

  5. Trevor. Oh my lord.

  6. Hahahah, I’m laughing out loud!
    Trevor is a stud for sure. I wonder where he is now, hmmmm.

    Am totalling googling more ‘heart throbs’ right now.



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