Piss weak world

Yesterday my bestie and I headed out to the Easter Family Show (or whatever is was meant or not meant to be called) at Fox Studios in an attempt to fool the children into thinking that we had taken them to the Easter show. I think we may have just gotten away with it. Sure 3 year olds and 5 month olds are pretty easy to fool.

Bad rides? Check.
Carney folk? Check.

Bad food? Check (although I did gourmet it up and have a chorizo roll instead of a chicko roll. It was the eastern suburbs after all).

The kids had a ball on a few rides (this year they even managed to go on them without either Mums present which was a big step forward. Daisy did, however, attempt to go on the bumper boats (read dodgem cars in a paddling pool) whereby she had the steering wheel in a full turn lock which meant that she kept doing water doughnuts and could not work out how to make it the tsunami stop, proceeded to freak the fuck out and cry, whereby the poor attendant had to paddle out to retrieve said freaking out child. That bit wasn’t so good.

But other then that? BRILLIANT. We knocked it over in under 2 hours. Free parking. Free entry. For a couple of gals with a three year old and a 4 & 5 month old it was just the ticket. Sure, it was not Easter show with all the great animals and country stuff, but it was good fun.


  1. We went last week and had almost an identical experience!! Same rides and everything – down to the same mermaid sea-horse carriage!
    Not the Show but a perfect substitute for couple of toddlers.

  2. That is so awesome! I never even knew the place existed! Well, I guess I’ll do my research next year and save myself a load of money by going there instead!

  3. Haha, piss weak world!!

    The ‘family show’ got panned in reviews when it opened last week, and they even had a picture in the paper with all the empty rides and weird carney folk standing around, waiting for business. It was so funny, I laughed out loud!

    Glad they could go on rides though, the rides at the Easter show were horribly expensive so we didn’t go on any.


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