Oh. Right. So this starts now?

I am still coming to terms with this. Bare with me as I try to process.

Last night Daisy was in the bath and kept calling for me to come in and see her. She had something she had to ‘tell me’. I kept running around fobbing her off with many “will be there in 2 secs” before I finally got in there. As I started to clean up the mess from Harper’s bath, clothes and many, many splashes Daisy was at me “Mum, MUM come here. I NEED your ear” I eventually got down to her level to listen to her whisper. I couldn’t hear the first 2 attempts (she was being reeeeeeeeealy quiet). Eventually she got a really discreet WHHHHHHHHAT???? and I got:

“WHHHAAAAAAAT? What did you say?!”
“Lachie? Who is Lachie?”
She then got VERY shy all of a sudden and coy and VERY cute.
“Lachie is a boy. From school. He’s a big kid.”
“Is he your friend?”
“No, he is a big kid. But he put his shoes next to mine.”
And she was all shy and weird and secretive and BOY LIKE.
And then. THEN….she tells me.
“Don’t talk about it anymore.”
Wow. She totally likes Lachie the big kid from school who put his shoes next to her! Right? I have never heard her talk all secretive like about anything. She TOTALLY likes him.
Wow. Let the games begin.
Hold me.


  1. Oh bless – and I totally understand Daisy choosing a boy on the basis of his shoes…

  2. naw. im totally going to put my shoes next to the boyfriends and tell him thats what we do now 🙂 hehe. that is just a little too cute xx

  3. How totally cute!!!

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