Masterchef Beff

As suspected, I am completely taken with this new season of Masterchef. Although I have learned to stay away from twitter at these times as it is too much for me to read. every. single. thought. of. every. single. moment. You know? AND I also think that so far there has been waaaaay too much crying over dead grandmas etc. And perhaps too many lawyers in contention. But….despite all this I am still watching and loving it.

On the weekend when we were up at the farm I thought that I would attempt the pavlova. I attempted my first ever during the Christmas break which was a DISASTER. It looked like a pancake/flan. I named it a paflan in fact. So I thought I would try and come over all Donna Hay like and rectify my previous failure.

So. I got online, read the recipe and followed it drop for drop, ml for ml (which I NEVER do with my cooking). I resisted the temptation to open the oven (just for a sec, just to have teeny, tiny look, just one) and the result?

A TRIUMPH! Look how proud I am of myself walking to table!

There was actual height! And actual meringue! Look! LOOK! But don’t look at the cream that I over whipped by 3 seconds, no, don’t look at that. Meringue people, MERINGUE!

Rob stood in the kitchen throughout George Calombaris style yelling at me “C’mon Beth! Show me what you’re made of! THESE are the last moments that really count” and stuff like that. And when I presented at the table I told the story of my dead Grandmother, both of them in fact, just for effect.

I think you will find that pavlova wasn’t the only winner here, I was. I was.


  1. You have certainly put our paflan to shame. Well done looks fabulous!

  2. Brilliant. And TWO dead grandmothers! That’d get you through to the top ten, and if you were a lawyer… why you’d be the next MasterChef winner fer sure!

    Woo hoo on the pav – looks fabbo.

  3. VERY impressive and you looks SO proud. Makes me think I could do it too.

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  5. You were! That is mighty impressive. Me and pavs don’t get along. I have tried, I really have, but I cannot master them… (sadly).

  6. I love you. I love Rob. I am moving to Australia so we can hang out.

  7. Yum! There is nothing better than a pav with just berries on it. I hate it when it gets mucked up with kiwi fruit, etc.

    I am impressed. I’ve only ever made one using those little pav egg thingos (do they even exist anymore?)

    Plus I got another sneak peak at that gorgeous house again!

  8. Yummm! πŸ™‚

    What a great story. I read it aloud to my husband and he’s giggling too.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the next round! πŸ˜›

  9. VERY impressive pav! That crispy meringue is making my mouth water. Yum, yum, yum

  10. Yay for trying new things.

    I buy a cook book, make 1 recipe, then never open the book again, bahhh πŸ™

    PS: You can come over and cook me a pav anytime πŸ™‚


  11. Good work. We still haven’t recovered from the great Croquembouche Catastrophe of 2009 in our house.

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