Long weekend loveliness

The weekend was filled with:

Great weather. Including one very wet rainy afternoon and evening perfect for nursing a hangover I spent perfecting late into Saturday night.

Sitting. And being. And nursing the baby.

Working (of the work and fishing kind).
Gardening. With many helpers this often didn’t last too long.
Teething. One little Harper is cutting (I think) 4 new teeth so spent most of her time chewing my toothbrush, then dropping it, then crying, then having someone retrieve it for her and then start all over again.
Picking wild tomatoes growing in the bush. Sweet and delicious.
Reading. Books, papers, recipes.
An obligatory bonfire. This time at night which made it all the more special and magical for a 3 year old.
Dress ups on the lawn. And lots of playing for 3 cousins.
Walks in the garden, and bush, checking on the progress of older trees planted, and new ones too. This is Harper’s little Christmas bush tree recently planted.
And Daisy’s bigger one that is now 3 years old, and bigger than all of us already!
And perfection. There was LOTS of that. I am feeling recharged with EIEIO goodness.


  1. Your long weekend looked wonderful 🙂

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous GORGEOUS!

  3. Ummm how do I get one of those places?? Looks sensational!

  4. Now, that there looks like utter bliss {strangely even the teething aspect – guess everything’s better where it’s beautiful}. Hope you’re all recharged.

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