A Happy(ier) place

Can you hear that?

No? Not even all the way over there? It is one very LARGE sigh of relief. For the first time in a week (I know I am pathetically pathetic) Harper slept for longer than 3 hours! I KNOW! We have had the week from hell with her. It’s not so much the waking every 3 hours (which incidentally she didn’t even do even when she was newborn) to feed, but it was the not being able to settle her, or comfort her. In fact, at times it seemed that all that did was piss her off. Anyway, back to my happy place.

Which looks a little like this. Coffee. At home. On my bench. Oh happy place, how I love thee.

I can’t even tell you what I would have done if we had had another bad night. My reserves were well and truly depleted and I was becoming a shouty, irritated and cranky Mumma. So not a good look. Sure she went to bed just after 6pm and then woke at 10pm (just for s resettle) BUT I then got a stretch until 4am. 4! And the best bit? She fed, then went STRAIGHT back to sleep. Sure, her sister was then awake (which meant I was awake) until 6 when we decided to just stop pretending to be asleep and get up….but details! I will take it!

My ever fabulous husband has also taken the past 2 days off (well working from home anyway) so she can get better and not infect everyone else at daycare. Hopefully that gives us at least a week before she gets sick again.


  1. I hope it all get’s better! I think you are doing so well to even blog after all your lack of sleep. As a mum of a fellow non sleeper – I will send all possible sleep vibes your way! Enjoy the coffee x

  2. Glad to hear things are getting better and that you’re in a happier place. Damn, that coffee looks good. Think I’ll come over for a cuppa 😉

    Onwards and upwards!

  3. Hurrah!

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