What a week! Got back last night after THE best week off. We ate well. We drank well. The kids slept and played well. The weather was amazing. The people so friendly. The place so very beautiful. It was just such the perfect family holiday.

The days consisted of heading down to the breakfast buffet – hello egg station with your delightful omelette’s, how I will miss thee. Then we would head back to the room to get into swimmers and head back down to the pool for a few hours. Daisy and Rob and I would take turns to swim whilst Harper would sleep on the pool recliner (BLESS that child). Then we would head back to the room for an afternoon rest before heading back out for afternoon swims, cocktails and dinner before crashing into beautifully made beds with books and wine and doing it all over again the next day. Does it get any better?
Now just to reality (oops there foes gravity). At least I have these pretty pictures to visit whenever I am feeling a little blue. Sigh….why do holidays have to end?


  1. Oh.

    Now that looks like a holiday. And do you know what’s more adorable than that pic of Harper sleeping on a sunlounge? Nothing.

    Welcome back!

  2. DIVINE.

  3. That looks SO amazing. Just a teensy bit jealous right now! What a good girl Harper is, sleeping soundly by the pool. I love that age when noise and sleep can still be friends!

    Glad you had a great time! Welcome back to real world…


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