End of the road…

So. It’s Tuesday. Not just any Tuesday, but the last day of my maternity leave Tuesday. My heart is a little heavier today, mostly just because it’s the end of an era. The end of stay at home Mummy. And I’m not quite sure when, or if, I will ever be at home 5 days a week again. Who knows?

I am looking forward to going back to work – look, it’s only 2 days a week – and that is the PERFECT amount of time for me to be grown up adult Beth and just the perfect mix of stay at home Beth with the girls. I am VERY lucky to even have the chance to have a little dabble at work, and then most of my time with my kids. I am lucky to not have to work full time (although with the cost of childcare I am not sure how anyone could afford that). I am lucky to have given birth a healthy, beautiful little girl and to be a Mum of 2 (!) kids.

It’s hard to believe that just 6 months ago now, I looked like this…

And that Harper was as little as this..

And that now my girls look like this…

Time is about to pass by a whole lot faster. Weeks & months are going to start to fly by, filled with routines and picks ups and drop offs and tantrums and adjustment (for ALL of us). I am taking many deep breaths about tomorrow being the first (I know the FIRST) full day I will be without Harper. I know she will be fine, I know there will be more tears for her than normal, and I know that I will have a great day at work, but I just don’t want it to come around. Just yet.


  1. A million kisses and a great, big squooshy hug for you my lovely xx

  2. Thinking of you! I’m sure once you get there, it will be great. 2 days a week is ideal – just enough but not too much!

  3. All the best for tomorrow!! It is hard at first, but then I started to really love my 2 days of work. Now I’m back to SAHMing and I would give up a limb to go back to work.

    Your girls are just gorgeous!

  4. have a great day tomorrow xx

  5. Good luck back at work… hope you are not too sad….

  6. Good luck for tomorrow. 2 days is great!

  7. Good luck tomorrow!

  8. Will be thinking of you! Enjoy the grown-up time.

    Still giggling over the mental image of you in the bathroom, with the chocolates and breast pump.

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