Day One: debrief

As Dora would say. We did it! We did it! We did it yeah! Yeah we did it! We officially made it through day one of work. Phew. Glad that is over and done with. No we just have an infinite number to get through. Eeeek!

Things started out, well, not so well. As I tweeted to FrillyHills I decided to go into a state of complete denial on Tuesday night and drink wine instead of packing my bag, picking out an outfit, preparing Harpers routine for her carers to read. I just drank wine. And tweeted. And looked at Facebook. And giggled with Rob. And watched ads for his show over and over again. And scheduled some blog posts. Just all the reeeeealy important stuff you know? Then I finally came to when Harper woke out of the blue and needed to be settled, and then Daisy woke up soon after that having a night terror as she was over heated. You get the picture. I eventually got around to getting to bed, tried to work out an ensemble and realised that I had no shoes to wear blah, blah, blah. Harper woke for a feed at 4am and then took much longer as normal to settle as my boobs finally decided that they no longer required breast milk (how’s the timing?) so I had to give her a bottle instead. Then Daisy woke not long after at 4.45 and was ‘sad’ so had to come into our bed. When my alarm went off 45 mins later I promptly turned it off and went back to sleep for another 35 mins! I even remember thinking “I have something on today, that’s what the alarm was for”, but then couldn’t remember and went back to sleep!

I then ran around like a mad woman which made Daisy a little uneasy as the gal does NOT like change at the best of times – least of all when her Mumma is a little frazzled. I got both dressed, and myself (WHY DID I NOT WORK OUT AN OUTFIT THE NIGHT BEFORE???!!!) and then attempted to leave. That’s when the shit really hit the fan. Daisy screamed and begged and screamed for me not to go. I eventually had to just peel her off me and run out the door. I could hear the screams from waaaaaaay down the street. Harper was indifferent, mostly concerned for Daisy (little did she know what was around the corner for her). Poor Rob was left alone with one freaking out kid and a (slightly) freaked out wife and (not quite yet) freaking out baby. Hormones anyone? Poor fella handled it as only he knows how. With style. And humour. And love. I LOVE that man I tell you.

He soon sent me this from home to show me it was all going to be OK. That Daisy was OK. That everything was GOING TO BE OK. He’s good like that.

And then this. Just to break my heart a little more.

And just when I thought I would break down into a puddle at my desk. This one. Of my baby with her new teachers. Look at her! Just look at her checking it all out. Heart? BROKEN. In twain.

And just when I was sitting at my desk thinking “Jeepers it’s 4pm they MUST be home by now, I wonder how on earth they are? What are they doing? Are they OK? Are they OK?!!!” He sent me this, which answered ALL my questions.

I arrived home at 5.30pm ready to get giggles and joy from Harper but she promptly burst into tears so I quickly breastfed her before she collapsed into bed. Daisy got so many hugs and kisses and much more patience from a Mumma who was just happy to be home with her ladies. Rob even had a bottle of champagne waiting for me. As I said. Love. That. Man. So, all in all we all survived the day. Sure, Rob had to get drunk at 9.45am to deal with the stress of it all but we all survived. We did it!


  1. Can’t type through my tears – but I think I’m also in love with your husband – is that weird?

  2. Yay! Well done! Your hubby is definitely a keeper!

  3. Hurray hurray hurray! one day down! I’m so proud of you! The girls are gorgeous, as usual.

    Have a drink for me!

  4. What a day!

    Champion lady,
    Champion Man,
    Champion kids! xx.

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