Backyard Fix up: Part Three

Things are moving along in the front/backyard fix up. We came back from holidays to a whole new garden out the front which is bringing me ENDLESS joy. I am watering in my new Little Gem magnolias & box hedge.

Fence is still to go in but it went from this…

Sure the above shot was taken from years ago when we first bought the place but you get the general idea of the hideousness of the fence and garden.

To this…

Me likey. Me likey very much. Imagine when the fence goes in?!

And out the back? Well we are still not done, quite some way from being done but the pavers are down and all of a sudden we have all. this. space. I am amazed at the amount of space that tree took up and beyond excited by all this extra space. In a small inner city terrace this is BIG news.
Remember how it looked a few weeks ago?

Then it went into construction mode…

And now? Well doesn’t it look big? BIGGER? BIGGEST?! Excuse the laundry I was in a washing frenzy post holiday and in all that sunshine I was a little excited.

But you get the idea? Exciting no? YES! YES! YES! More to follow soon…


  1. It’s looking FABULOUS. And HUGE. And AMAZING! LOVE!!!!

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