Backyard Fix up: Part Four

We are (almost) there. We now have a few finishing touches to make like a new outdoor setting, removal of black plastic from the right hand side (still there to make sure the stain from the timber does not run onto new pavers) and a lick of paint for the back of the house and potentially the back wall AND some new plants and pots etc (this yard NEEDS herb planter boxes now that we have so much sunshine) but a another little look as it’s almost done.

I CANNOT get enough of the sunshine. I am washing like a woman possessed, and the laundry pile is almost always non existent (I know I am a little strange but nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing clean washing on the line. OK maybe folding it and then hopping into the sheets or drying myself with the clean towels)

I am in love with the new privacy from our neighbours. I feel like we actually have our own space for the first time in years. And what about our new seat over there on the left? I have spent so much time sitting there while Daise rides on her scooter. We have been outside so much more than usual (probably due to the cooler weather but whatevs).

I am beside myself with all. this. space.
And I CANNOT get enough of the beauty of the pavers. The feeling of the soft stone under my feet. The sweeping is an absolute joy.
Front fence still to go in and final update will go in when I am happy with the end product.


  1. Oh, I likey! Looks great!

    I have three strong men in my backyard as I type, transforming from an urban wasteland to garden wonderland (I hope!).

  2. A backyard transformation can seriously change your life. I LOVE what you’ve done here – looks amazing!

  3. Looks awesome! Hope today went well for you!

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