6 months

See that date there at the top right of your screen? The 27th? THE 27TH???!!!! That date means that my baby is 6 months old today. SIX! I can’t believe it. Half a whole year.

These photos taken over the weekend are the perfect example of what this past month has been like. A little uncomfortable, a little cranky, a whole lot of love from one big sister and new discoveries.

She is currently in the process of cutting 4 more teeth. That’s right, 4. I can see the little white buds just waiting to push through. That will bring the grand total to 6. In just 6 months! Goodness me. The teething is causing an up to 7 times a day display of sheer outrageousness of poo which in turn has turned into one VERY sore bottom for you. Topped with her very first proper cold with green snot and sore ears we have on our hands a distinctly unhappy 6 month old babe.

But she fights on and the moment she forgets about the bottom, and teeth and cold she will erupt into gurgles of giggles and happiness. Until she remembers again and then gets very upset indeed. I clearly remember 6 months being such a hard time with Daisy too. The start of daycare, and teeth and changes – it’s just unlucky that this time coincides with the very start of winter which I think will be a very long one, filled with lots of colds and trips to the doctors.
Daisy has well and truly fallen for Harper this past month. I think it’s because she is somehow less attached to me as I am no longer breastfeeding her – who knows? But she loves to play with her now – much to Harper’s delight. I have already been asked to leave at bath time so they can be alone – heaven help me when they are older.
Harper has also taken to daycare well (sure, she has only done one week due to illness) but it went well and I really hope that it stays that way.
She is growing by the second. We haven’t had the 6 months shots yet so I don’t know stats but she is chubby. And long. And enjoys her food a lot. She is quite honestly the most delightful thing that has happened to the three of us. Ever.


  1. Gorgeous! It makes me sad to see how quickly they grow up, I want them to stay babies for longer.

  2. That middle photo is really cute!

    I find myself asking this same question every month, “where does the time go?!”

    Ahhh the evolution of life… It’s amazing and scary at the same time!


  3. Cor blimey – weren’t you only pregnant yesterday? Such a delightful little bliss bomb that Miss Harper – happy half birthday x

  4. Happy six-month-bday to your gorgeous little one!

  5. 6 months already?! Happy half bday Harper.
    Is that your dog? Gorgeous!

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