Monday madness

Not the best start to the week.

We had a busy weekend so we were exhausted when we landed into bed last night at 10pm. Daisy woke (OF COURSE) at about 12.15am and I went down to her bedroom as I do and when she eventually fell back asleep I crept back down the hallway to our room. It was when I started to walk upstairs to our bedroom that (for some unknown reason) I looked out the back door to the courtyard. It took me about 35 seconds to realise/work out that there was a man, at my back door, attempting to break in. I stood there like an idiot looking at him thinking to myself “why on earth is there a man at the back door sitting down? What is he doing? Until it eventually clicked with me and I went OH MY FUCKING GOD THERE IS A MAN ABOUT TO BREAK INTO OUR HOUSE TO STEAL SOMETHING OR TAKE THE KIDS OR SOMETHING and I said out loud “What the fuck?” and he then looked at me, and I at him, and I proceeded to run like a girl up the stairs to get Rob. He (intruder) then escaped out the back lane way/passage way and I proceeded to freak myself out for the remainder of the evening. So at 1am we were giving statements to the police in the backyard hoping that Daisy wouldn’t wake up and freak the hell out that there were police in the house, then Harper woke for a feed so I got back into bed at 2.30am and couldn’t sleep for all the jumping at every noise I could hear. Then, THEN Daisy woke at 5.30am having a night terror which took 2 glasses of water being poured over her until she snapped out of it.
Honestly, what a night! I am exhausted. The week can only get better from here right? I am trying to not think about the what ifs because they didn’t happen. Hopefully this permanent sick feeling I have in the pit of my stomach will also pass. I am focused on the fact that everyone is safe and we have all our possessions still here. That, and coffee. Lots of coffee.


  1. Oh Beth, that’s just shocking. Thank goodness Daisy woke up – how horrendous for you.

  2. Oh. My. GOODNESS!! What a night! OMG, I’m so glad you’re OK! My heart’s actually beating a little fast!

  3. That’s so scary! I’m also glad that Rob was at home so you had someone to run too…it’s always my worst fear that will happen when I’m home alone

  4. OMG. That sounds horrific. My worst nightmare.

    After living in South Africa Joburg for almost a year a few years ago my brain has just not enabled me to ever fully ‘relax’ about security again.. So I understand the anxiety you’ll no doubt be feeling.

  5. You poor thing, that must have been an awful shock. Glad that everyone’s safe and hope you have a better night’s sleep tonight. xx

  6. ZOMG I AM FUHREAKING OUT ON YOUR BEHALF. That is INCREDIBLY creepy, I’m so happy you’re all ok!!!

  7. HORRIBLE! Oh my goodness, you poor thing. That is awful, but thank goodness you were there and scared him away.

  8. OMG! This gave me nightmares last night! I’m such a scaredy cat. As I was walking back to bed at around 3am I was looking out all the windows for the robber.

    So glad that you, your family and your belongings are safe

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