Let there be light

I know this will be the second time in a week that I have gone on about the light…but…you guys…the light! The autumnal light! Sure the weather has been anything but autumnal, but there is something about the late afternoon/early evening round here that is just plain beautiful.

Exhibit A and B. Taken from our backyard. Ha! Backyard! I should say, courtyard.

Yep, that’s Chesty right there looking down on us. It used to be the old Bonds Factory from the 20’s and 30’s – a great piece of Australian history right at our door step.

But enough about the light already. The weekend? FABULOUS. Relaxing, quiet, homely weekend hanging about doing nothing (except trying to escape that god forsaken heat). We went to the library, looked after one of Daisy’s cousins (and mostly best friend – Mads) ate good good, slept well, did the weekly shopping, started to think about packing for Fiji and just had a good old fashioned chill out. LOVE those weekends.
So. This week? F one J one. YESSSSSAR! FIJI. On Thursday! Am just quietly starting to get pumped about it. And we also have work starting on the backyard. It’s going to be busy, frantic, frazzling and fabulous. Lucky I had such a quiet weekend to prep me for it!


  1. Oh my! Am loving Chesty gazing down adoringly into your yard – that is COOL.

    Now, Fiji… sigh…

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