Exsqueeze me March?

March? MARCH? Really?

That’s how I spent most of yesterday when I realised that February was indeed done for another year and we are now in March. MARCH! While I am happy to see March for many reasons – hello Fijian holiday I am talking to you, and let’s not forget autumn! Cooler nights and mornings and hot cross buns! It also means that it is my last full month before I am back at work. That warrants a sigh I think. So March I am mostly excited to see you, let’s just not rush things OK?
The weekend. Oh the weekend. You would have heard all about my Friday night at George. It was so. much. fun. The concert and the singing and the giggling and the drinking and the singing AND the time away from the girls. I was lucky enough to have the lovely Kirsty (a friend of my little sis) look after them. As it would go – OF COURSE of the way things always go – she had to deal with a poo explosion from Daisy (which she hasn’t done for what, say at least 1.5 years now) AND a bleeding nose AND the dog next door which woke up Harper approx 37 times – so she had a rough time. I am sure she will never make the offer again! Saturday we had a family do to go with sans kidlets so Mum had them both for another 3 or 4 hours which was heavenly! It also involved a few glasses of Tattinger down by the harbour on the MOST beautiful Sydney late summer afternoon so it was delightful. Saturday night, being Mardi Gras, meant that my neighbours (in fact the whole neighbourhood) were out so we had silence. Oh so sweet quietness surround our little house. We celebrated by taking the Saturday papers to bed at 8.30pm. Oh. So. Good. Sunday was a quiet day at home doing nothing but recharging. It truly was the best weekend I have had in the longest time.
But now? March! I had better get my shoes on and start seeing as many friends as possible, having as many naps on the couch while Daisy is at school, and soaking up every inch of my delicious little babe who is growing far too quickly for my liking.


  1. It’s still so weird for me to hear you talk about Autumn in March!! Here in the states, we’re just starting to think about emerging from snow piles and focusing on Spring!

    But Fall is my favorite time of year, hope you have a lovely one!

  2. Kirsty Kingswell says

    You know I will babysit anytime even after the poo, nose bleed and dog situation… you just have to ask….!!!! Definitely a night to remember!!! (Especially Robbie arriving home 20 mins after everyone else dripping with sweat after RUNNING home from SFS!!!)

  3. I was at George on Saturday night too! x Bel

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