Blatant, shameless self promotion

Warning: This post will contain shameless self (well husbandly) promotion of his new TV show. This will be the first of many, many said blatant promotion for the benefit of raising awareness of his new TV show, and mostly just showing how immensely proud I am of him. If I cannot do it here (and Facebook and Twitter), than I cannot do it anywhere.

So. We have a start date for the start of Rob’s show. Pay attention, write it down and as Daisy would say – click your listening ears on. MONDAY 3rd MAY 2010 @ 9PM on ABC2. Say it with me: MONDAY 3rd MAY 2010 @ 9PM on ABC2. Don’t worry, over the coming month you will hear this again.
Want to know a little about the show and just who Boy Crazy Stacey are? No worries, pull up a pew, grab a cuppa and have a listen…
The 8 part 30 min show follows the band – Boy Crazy Stacey as they work the rock scene in Sydney’s inner west. It is a drama/comedy (mostly comedy) and some of the initial media about it said:

The ABC has announced a new drama / comedy built around a struggling rock pub band from Sydney’s inner west, I ROCK.

Produced by David Fedirchuk and Rob Macdonald, it promises ’sex, lies and loads of great original pub rock before culminating in an outrageous climax.’

Josh Mapleston (pictured) stars as Nash Taylor, who is described as an engaging mix of swagger and arrogance hiding a nerdish vulnerability, attempts to claw his way to the top of the rock & roll heap.

You can read about the show on the ABC Blog here and become a fab of the band on Facebook here. Thank you if you already have, and sorry for the broken record thing – I make no apologies for the fact that I am trying to get as much awareness about it before it starts.
I am bias, sure. I feel like this too, is another child of ours – one in fact who has been around for longer than both of kids. I know that Rob is nervous about what everyone will think – about how it rates and is received – all of it – BUT I really think it is good. On the money that they used to make it (did someone say shoestring?) they have produced something edgy, funny, unique, clever, best of all, and mostly what I am SO proud of, is that they had an idea and got off their arses and made it happen. Sure, it had to actually be good to get the ABC interested and throw money at it, but they have actually followed through and delivered something that is something. Tangible. Real. I’m not explaining myself very well but what I am trying to say is that I am so immensely proud of Rob and Dave and Josh for not just sayin’ “we should do that” but for actually doing it. And that is more than I have ever done. More than I can ever say I have achieved.
Like any labour of love, we only have the end product, the TV series to show for all the hard work put in. Rob certainly has no money from it – for the amount of hours he has put in I think he has worked for approx 2 cents per hour (actually that could be an exaggeration). I can’t wait for you all to see it. While I know that it won’t be every ones cup o’ tea – what with the swearing and the rock and roll and the drugs it is something that I am proud to be only slightly connected with.
So go on. Have a look. Get interested. Get excited. And watch. MAKE SURE YOU WATCH!


  1. Will be watching for sure Beth! After all it’s set in my hood!

  2. too lazy to write it down, but am relying on you to remind me. will be looking forward to watching it, sounds great. love ABC 🙂

  3. Oh I will be watching – and telling everyone I know to as well!

  4. How exciting for all of you! Good luck!!

  5. Will be watching! How exciting!

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