Backyard Fix up: Part Two

So. We are a few days into the backyard fix up and we are looking like this.

Pretty isn’t it? Pavers, dirt, sand, wheelbarrows, roots, mess everywhere! I can see the potential though and all the extra space we are going to have. And me likey. Me likey very much. Today the front fence (the ugliest front fence that ever there was) was taken down along with the (ugliest plants in front of the ugliest front fence that ever there was) which was VERY exciting. Daisy spent all day Monday at the screen door talking to the “boys” and telling them that they were doing “quite a good job”. Honestly. Just “quite” not a great job. Here’s hoping they meet her high standards by the end of the week.

Although we are heading away part way through this I think that *most* of the work will be done in the next few days. Yaaaaaaaaaay! Let me hear you say YAAAAAAAAAAY!


  1. Yaaaaaaay. Now, I just need a pic of the ugliest fence ever – I presume they left a few bits behind, doing ‘quite a good job and all’.

    Loving the look of those pavers – looks as though it’ll look amazing when you’re back from hols!!!

  2. Can’t wait to see the end result!!

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