5 months

Our little buddha is 5 months old today. Jeepers. And what a month it has been. Teeth! 2 of them with 2 more on the way (bottom through and top ready to roll) and all without too much trouble. In fact they appeared before I cottoned on to what was happening. So typical of Harper – taking the back seat and such an example of a more relaxed Mumma. With Daisy I think I saw teeth coming 2 months out, I had the bonjela on, the panadol administered (just in case, yes I think it is definitely teeth, yes it must be!) and with Harper I had an inkling and kept thinking I must feel in there and when I finally remembered 4 (!) days later there it was. Ha!

We have started solid foods – well mushed up pureed food – and she is loving herself silly to put it simply. The little mouth is open waiting for each spoonful, there are cries of protest if the speed is not to her liking and certainly squeals of delight when her tummy is full of peary, bananery goodness.
The bottle/weaning thing is not going so well. Which is interesting seeing as I am back at work in like 2 weeks time. The taste is not so much the issue as the bottle. She just can’t seem to suck it properly. We have tried every type of bottle – Avent, pigeon, Tommee Tippee and they all have the same outcome. I guess sooner or later the hunger will win and she will suck for her life. Hope so anyway.
But mostly this past month she has been a delight. She is so beautiful. I can sit and amaze in her beauty for hours at a time. Her cuteness, her laughter, her sweetness, her babyness. I am trying to hold onto the very last bits of new babe that are there and marvel at the relationship that is just starting to form with Daisy. They are inseparable. Hilarious together. Trouble together. And I am just so happy that Rob and I were able to give 2 people in this world the best thing that there is. A sibling. And not just any sibling. A sister.

I can’t wait to see what the next month will bring us. Daycare starting, back to work, weaning. Actually, I think I am quite happy to stay right here thank you very much!


  1. What a sweet little girl.

  2. Aww little Harper, you make my heart melt!

  3. Hasn’t time flown, 5 months already!
    She’s gorgeous!

  4. Heavenly Harper is simply divine!

  5. ha, love the more relaxed mama. I noticed extra drool and mouthing with little Charlotte and immediately stuck my fingers on her gums, frantically feeling for teeth……….. when she was 8 weeks old.

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