Wet weekend

Can report on a successful wedding scouting weekend albeit a very wet one. We managed to secure the location and check out some accommodation/catering/pub options so I think all the items were ticked off for the bride and groom. We even managed to get in plenty of time to sit around and natter, drink champagne and eat some good food, as well as have a fish and run around by the water in between the many showers.

So here we are again looking down the barrel of a wet week. I have to get my head around all the preps needed for the big party on Sunday morning. I am reeeeealy hoping that this wet weather breaks a little for a few hours on the weekend so that we can go ahead with it….our house is just too small for the numbers that we have so if there is wet weather we will be pulling the pin on the whole thing.

Now I just have to get through the piles of washing from one innocent weekend away…with no sunshine to dry it. Urgh it’s is SUCH a Monday morning….


  1. Fingers crossed the weather turns good for you on Sunday!

  2. Hate the wet weather too- my laundry looks like a bomb shelter.

    Here’s hoping the weather is fine this weekend!

  3. PS – there’s a little something for you over at my blog.


  4. Rainy days and Mondays…hope things dry out soon! Love these pictures by the water, just lovely!

    Your blog is so pretty, glad I found you! Good luck on Sunday!

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