Weekend Windup

So. It’s Monday. I am unhappy about this fact to say the least. In fact, I have been a down right bitch ever since I realised that the weekend was almost over and I hadn’t spent any of it with my husband (which incidentally was Sunday morning) which meant that the rest of what could have been a good weekend, was generally unpleasant for all involved, which meant that I got even crankier still and so on and so forth. You get the drift. Why do chicks do that? I mean, surely I am not the only one to partake in such ridiculous behaviour? Surely…please say you do just so husband doesn’t think that he has married Satan’s spawn. Thanks.

So. To rewind. A few things happened this weekend. Rob went away to Adelaide and left first thing Sat morning and got back Sunday afternoon. So it was solo parenting for me for just over 24 hours (which is nothing I know) but I still managed to be a bitch about it. Then when he got home he headed out again last night to mingle in the VIP tent at Tropfest. Which really helped my mood. I WANNA GO TO A VIP TENT! You can see that whole mood/bitch/crazy mole behaviour AGAIN. That was just how I rolled this weekend. In fact, if I weren’t breastfeeding I would have sworn it was a monthly surge of hormones, but nothing. Apparently I am just a bitch now. Sweet.

I also had a sty in my eye which I discovered is not only unattractive BUT it really hurts too. A double whammy! So there was that.

And Daisy turned 14. I mean look at her.
And Harper got sick. I have discovered the hidden joy of siblings – sickness pass on’s! Poor Daise was sick all last week and my littlest petal has gone down a snake too and is snuffly and sniffly but still very cute as you can see.
So. Monday. Today I plan on brushing this mood aside and getting Harper better AND staying cool. Am I allowed to say I am over Summer? I am. There, I said it. I am officially over summer. I have summer fatigue. I want cooler nights and shorter days. Actually, I think THAT could be the problem with me – it’s the heat. Yeah right.



    For example, DH has to leave for a business trip on Monday, so sometime on Sunday afternoon I pick a stupid fight so that by Monday morning I’m actually HAPPY to see him go (and he’s feeling like a downright bastard for leaving).

    Coping mechanism?

  2. Single parenting a ‘teenager’ and a sick baby is enough to turn anyone into a harridan. You so deserve to be a VIP – hope Rob sets up a tent in your backyard, laminates a lanyard and has champagne on tap for you this weekend!

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