She said what?

I picked up Daisy from daycare this week and as we were packing up her stuff her carer said to me “It’s good to know that Daisy is well informed at home”. Words that sent shivers up my spine. What HAD she said? Would she have finally decided to say fuck just to see what kind of response she would get given that she has heard it FAR too many times? Dear God what had she said?! I timidly replied “Oh why? (dear god what did she say). What did she, ah, say?”. “Just that bulls have penises and cows have udders!”. HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF. “Well yes, yes they do.” We all had a little chuckle about it and I just kept thinking to myself THANK GOD and for the love of God try to stop swearing at home…it’s only a matter of time! That and that her grandfather who lives in the country and has cattle would be SO proud.

Saturday night I went to bed and woke up around 2am with the dreaded shivers and THAT feeling when you know that you will be spending the next few hours (at least) in the bathroom. I was struck down with some vile vomiting/stomach bug and had to sleep on the couch so I could get to the bathroom quickly. When Daisy woke at 6 (or before probably) I got her up and explained to her that I was sick. That I had vomited (she is intrigued and frightened by vomiting so was VERY interested). “You vomited Mummy? Let’s get you all cleaned up.”
Bless. Her. World.


  1. Thank you {and Daisy} for always providing a giggle for my day. You’re better than medicine!

  2. Aww, how cute of her, on both counts!

  3. I finally reduced my use of the F*CK! word at home and inadvertantly replaced it with frick or friggin ~ now when Daisy’ is peeved with something she says friggin-fuck! *sigh* we still have some work to do around here….

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