I think you’re amazing…

Debrief re: Friday nights concert. I know that you were dying for all the details right? It was all I was hoping for AND some.

Getting there was disastrous. Friday night traffic in Sydney can be bad but this was baaaaaaad. It took us 90 mins to get there from my place which is probably under 10kms away. It was nasty.
That was until we got in. Firstly we had some smoking hot seats. I mean LOOK at them!

And then the show began. And he sounded SO good. SO good. Spot on. Just have a listen to Father Figure…

True to form I got a little over excited. I mean I have calluses on my hands from over zealous clapping and one of my rings is completely banged up from hitting against my wedding rings. Rob pointed out to me that people had come to the concert to hear George sing and not me – but whatever – the guy in front of me turned around and said “sing it sista” when I was singing away full ball to “Teacher”, so I mustn’t have been that bad right?

And how could I NOT sing to this number? I know, I have a reeeeeally bad voice and am putting it out there for all the world to hear, but you wanted the details!

All in all it was AMAZING. Plain and Simple. You can tell that Rob shot this last one. He panned around AND zoomed and the like. Such a director!


  1. OMG, your seats were AMAZING!!! Soooo jealous! I’m glad the person in front of you played along! Cool!

  2. wow – superb – and George sounded pretty good too!

  3. Love it! I love hearing you sing too. Tee hee!

    But was his butt still smoking hot? That is the real question.

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