As we make our way through the Disney collection there are a few that I am happy to watch. This week we are on Dumbo. Daisy is LOVING Dumbo. I am tolerating it and enjoying the fact it goes for 1 hour, has no princesses in it, and some nice music in it.

But Walt, Walt, enough with the pulling of the heartstrings. This bit? Leaves me a WEEPING MESS every time it comes on.

This AND the fact that Harper was formally accepted into daycare for the 2 days per week I will be going back to work in 6 weeks or something equally as frightening. SIGH.


  1. You know what? I couldn’t even PLAY it! I just looked at the PICTURE and started tearing up!!! I just can’t handle this song! This and Bambi’s mom’s horrible ending…can’t handle it!!

  2. I’m the same, just the picture saw tears welling in my eyes too!

    Oh, the bittersweet moments of Harper being accepted into care, the knowledge that you’re returning to work… everything. Hugs x

  3. Dumbo is one of Lil-lil’s absolute favourites. She loves saying ‘Poor baby Dumbo! Poor mummy Dumbo’ over and over.

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