Gutter, and getting ones mind out of it

Daisy was given this puzzle for her birthday. And it’s great, and she loves it. She can learn the alphabet AND have fun while doing it!

It was while I was doing it with her that I was taken aback. Underneath they have a stencil to help find where the bits go back in. Great right? Helpful too! But then, well I got the giggles. Take a look at L! Honestly, the sleep delirium is making me a little silly but would you LOOK AT L! Someone in a factory in China is having a giggle at my expense I am sure…


  1. HAAAA! That cracked me up! I remember watching an interview with a presenter from playschool and she said that they always put ‘naughty innuendos’ into their dialogue to keep mums & dads entertained – nothings kids would get but just for adults! Maybe this is the same deal x

  2. A giggle? That’s a cack! Sound like someone’s played a similar game to Alexander McQueen when he sewed rude words into the linings of Prince Charles’s suits when he worked on Saville Row.

  3. Oh, my!! I’m…ummm….speechless!! You mommies have WAY too much fun, I’m learning!!

    Thanks for the giggle!

  4. Teeehehehe….

  5. Hilarious. Bet they had a great laugh when “designing” that.

  6. ha ha ha ha, not only the penis, but you said “bits.”

    heh heh heh heh. ha ha ha!!!!

  7. Amazingly hilarious anatomy lesson for the little ones!

  8. There is one lucky lady elephant puzzle out there somewhere!

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