Rob was so keen for me to get the cake off post out there last night that I hardly had time to catch my breath, let alone let you in on the finer details of the birthday. Incidentally it would seem that you all think we are crazy parents, or that both were equally good cakes because it is a DEAD heat with “I can’t believe you guys are serious” almost in the lead. This will NOT do people. We need a RESULT. Vote now.

It was a wet day. Well weekend, which led to a water logged park, which led to having a change of plans at the very last minute and having the party in our little terrace. But it worked, and although it was an abridged version of the soiree I had hoped for everyone seemed to have a fabulous time. Especially Daisy.
We ate lovely heart cupcakes & biscuits, heart fairy bread, gave away chocolate roses to all the little girls as well as heart shaped helium balloons – it was a Valentines love fest! The cakes (as you would have seen) were the talk of the party and Daisy got SO many fabulous presents that she has not stopped playing with. She is her mothers daughter – all the gifts have been neatly piled in the lounge room and she keeps getting another one out, playing with it, and then adding it back into the pile. We will certainly have plenty to keep us busy which makes for one very happy Mumma. When both gals were in bed by 6.30pm last night rob and I gave each other a high five and then collapsed into bed ourselves at 7.30pm!
And you know what? She just seems 3 now. All of a sudden a little longer, older, just 3.


  1. Now that looks like one fabulous party!

  2. I’m with “Pink,” what a cool party! Hope it went smoothly! As always, love the pics of your cute kids!

    Have a great week!

  3. I’m glad it was such a roaring success – great photos!

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