Bridal Business

So this weekend we are on full bridal duties. We are off to have a look at a potential wedding location for my little sisters big day. They want to have an out of town wedding (similar to ours and my older sisters) and have found this fabulous place down on the south coast. It looks great but we just have to see it in person to be sure. We needed something that would accommodate all my immediate family (there are 4 kids in my family all with partners and now 8 grandchildren) as well as being beautiful and not too far from Sydney – a tricky combo!

But…I think it’s going to be ‘the one’. Cause it’s been in Country Style and everything. And I mean look at these bunk beds for all the kids? FABULOUS.

We are going to make a weekend of it – leaving Friday lunchtime and spending the time checking out places to get all the bits we will need for the wedding. Oh and I plan on spending many girly moments with my sister and Mum. And eating great food. And checking out lovely shops. And maybe throwing in a fishing line as well. I CAN’T wait.
Is it Friday yet…?


  1. Wow. Just WOW. Am v jealous of your scouting trip – have fun! {yeah, like you won’t…} x


    Can’t wait. Fingers crossed it all works out! Plus I get to spend the weekend with you guys – just perfect!

  3. That sounds like an awesome way to spend a weekend. Loving those bunk beds, bugger the kids – I’d want to be in one myself! Good luck with the wedding scouting – speaking from experience, it’s so lovely to be able to share these moments with your Mum and sister(s).

  4. Oh my, that’s so lovely! Look perfect.

    Love the stripey couches…and Country Style for that matter!

    Good luck xx

  5. What a beautiful location! I love those bunk beds. Have a great weekend!

  6. That looks like a fairytale. Wish I was going to a wedding sometimes soon. All my friends and fam are already married. May have to wait for their seconds ones. Joke. Kinda.

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