Backyard Fix up: Part One

Ever since we moved into our little terrace almost 3 years ago now we knew that we had to tackle the garden. At some stage. And by the term garden, I mean small courtyard filled with a few pots. It’s funny how you move into a new place and the things that you couldn’t stand and HAD to be fixed IMMEDIATELY all of a sudden become bearable, then quaint, then 3 years later, totally OK.

But we had to get serious about it because the roots the tree in the backyard were slowly but surely lifting the pavers, and worse still heading straight for the pipes at the back of the house. The offending tree (let’s call it weedus nastiness) also turns out to be a noxious weed which would have grown and grown AND grown so it had to go at some stage.
So, we had the council approve it’s removal and this morning it went from this:

To this:

Next steps are to have the old pond/rock garden removed and have all existing pavers lifted and removed. We will also be paving in the old pond area (to the right above) so that we will have a whole lot of new space available to us – and in such a small space – this is only a good thing.

I know, you are probably amazed that our outdoor living space is so small right? Well that’s what you get in a small terrace close to the city. And while at times it drives me crazy (mostly noise from neighbours) I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are 5 mins to the city, 10 mins to both Rob and my work & daycare for the gals, walking distance to fabulous shops, restaurants and cafes and more essentially – great coffee.
So, now I am getting used to all this natural light that is flooding into the courtyard (and loss of privacy) and getting excited about the next steps. Oh and trying to work out how to stop the neighbours (new) dog from whining all. day. long. Honestly, how can you have a dog in such a small space? It’s just mean for the dog – and us! No worries for him (owner of said dog) though as he is at the office all week and out and about most weekends too. Humph. If it wakes Harper one more time I may just lose it. What did I say about living in terraces again?!


  1. Looks great! Can you come and do my ‘yard’ when you’re done??

  2. Why on earth do people plant ridiculously huge trees in small spaces? Guess they’re the same people who have dogs in small yards…

    What a difference – you must be loving all the new light. Have you tried slipping a nice note under your neighbour’s door – perhaps they’re not aware that their dog howls all day. Surely.

  3. This is so pretty, I can’t believe the difference it made! Love the light!

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