2010 Cake Off: Let the people decide

So the annual “cake off” is over for another year, and as I said to Rob at 11.30pm Saturday night…this can’t go on! We have decided to swap children going forward so next Birthday I will do Harper’s cake, and he will do Daisy’s and then we will swap over (and of course judge each other on our ongoing efforts).

Anyway, I am pleased to report that we are going out in style. The birthday gal was pleased as punch with both of them, Rob and I were thrilled with our efforts and we certainly had a giggle along the way. It was creative, enjoyable and let’s not forget tasty.
So. People. I give you (drum roll please) the cakes from the 2010 Cake off.
Rob’s pool cake. Based loosely on his Dad’s pool at the farm yet tweaked somewhat with added swimming lanes, jelly babies ready to race on the blocks and a ladder from which to get in and out of. Surrounded by pale blonde pavers, ready for anyone to enjoy! The pool also featured a deep end (that’s right he dug one end deeper than the other which could be noted by the deeper blue jelly at one end).

And lastly (but certainly not least) Beth’s Princess Castle Cake. 4 towers (complete with flags) surrounding the castle with sparkly spires and lolly garden.

A couple of disclosures (as requested by my rule stickling husband). My towers were in fact, store bought swiss rolls which were then covered in icing. Main castle was baked by me.
My little sister was over and suggested to me a method for which to ice the spires which I went with. She did not, however, touch any part of the cake nor it’s icing.
The jelly was let to set a little longer than Rob would have liked (as I told him to give it another 5 mins in the fridge before pouring into the cake) which meant that the consistency of the water was not to Rob’s exact liking and because I suggested the extra time this was MY FAULT.
I baked one of the cakes for Rob’s cake (because I am nice and love him) and his second cake used was missing milk from the mixture because apparently I distracted him which was again MY FAULT.
It’s fairly clear to see that the real winner here was a one miss Daisy Macdonald who adored them both, and is lucky enough to have mental parents who would even attempt this, let alone take it SO seriously.

So. You tell us. Over to you…


  1. You guys are both amazing – no wonder Daisy was impressed. Well done {and I couldn’t help myself with my vote – girl power, a love of pink and an inability to ignore sparkles all had me in favour of the castle} Oh, and covering jam rolls with icing wasn’t cheating – that was what my recipe had actually called for!

  2. Wow – I loved reading about your cake off… how cool! Sorry to say that I voted ‘I cant believe you guys are serious’ – only because I couldnt chose a winner from the two – they are both superb, what a lucky girl Daisy is!! How cool – well done to you both – he he

  3. I think both of the cakes are amazing, what a lucky little girl you have!

  4. You guys are not only two of my favourite people on the planet, you are also the most wonderful, loving, AMAZING parents. Thanks for inviting us to be part of such a beautiful party today. I am in the ‘can’t believe you guys are serious’ camp simply because I couldn’t choose. Hats off to both of you. Big love from the Nicholls Fam xx

  5. how do I vote for both YOU cake, AND the idea that you guys are (lovably) crazy?!

    You two are HYSTERICAL!! Daisy is one seriously lucky girl.


  6. Man, I’d hate to see the wreckage that was your kitchen during the making and the devouring of those cakes!

    Happy birthday Daisy and WELL DONE guys – one or two cakes – my fondest childhood memories are those of the love my mum and godmother used to pour into our birthday cakes – so I make effort with my girls too.


  7. Wow! You guys are insane! Too funny…

    Looks like Daisy was basking in it though, lucky duck.

    And I’m sorry to say…I voted for the pool cake! It was very close but I’m a sucker for jelly…


  8. These are both adorable! Living in Alaska I couldn’t help but vote for the pool cake. Looks like your daughter was the princess for the day and that is the real winner.

    I have become addicted to your humor and your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  9. too funny!! especially because it’s the most decadent castle ever, it even has it’s own swimming pool… nothing like teaching our little ones about life’s opulence. *lol*

  10. Come on guys your know we cannt vote – always on the fence as it were 🙂 Great job – really fantastic can’t wait for Harpers 1st and we are sure Daisy LOVED them both

  11. Chelsea Sutherland says

    Who won this one? Sorry Beth but I would have voted for the swimming pool – I made my Mum make me the one from the Women’s Weekly Cookbook (a fave from my younger days) for my 30th last year.

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