There IS no place like home

One of the best things about being a parent, in my humble opinion, is the teaching part. Kids are sponges and will take on anything you teach them to be true. And I’m not talking about teaching them french, or their numbers in 3 different languages. No no, I am talking about the important things. Like cooking. And eating said cooking. And explaining to her the differences between shallots and eschallots, garlic and onions, mozzarella and parmesan. Champagne and wine.

As an aside – how TIRED do I look in this photo? I was putting it in here to show a beautiful moment between mother and daughter but all I can say is I need me some rest!

And some of the (actual) important stuff like believing in yourself. And knowing that just how you are is the best (and only) thing to be. About positive body image and that people are all the same regardless of how they look, who they decide to love or marry, or live their lives. About differences and equality and stuff like that.

But the most important stuff, is the stuff that I like. I mean, if we are going to spend all this time together, let’s try and do stuff together that we (read I) like. Right? So last week, after the 18th thousand viewing of freaking Ariel and that pansy Prince Eric, I took matters into my own hands and put on the Wizard of Oz. Now, this is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE movie EVFA! I have loved, loved , LOVED it since I was a little gal – replayed almost every scene with my dolls in the garden, known every song, every scene and sound (how good is the sound of the oil can being squeaked onto the Tin Man?). Now given that Daise is still not even 3 I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to go down. What with those freaky flying monkeys and then the witch and the curled up feet under the house. But the verdict? In her words after the final words THE END came up…”I LOVE it Mum!” And she did. I won’t forget her face as she watched the magic of Dorothy opening that door to the colourful world of Oz! She laughs at all the bits I laugh at (most specifically the lion) and has requested it over and over. And I am OK with that because I will not get sick of that film no matter how many times I watch it. And instead of being shown (again) that a prince will save you, she is learning about far more important stuff. Like the importance of good friends. And family and the specialness of being home. About believing in yourself. About courage and brains and heart – all the stuff that actually matters.
And let’s not forget about the very most important lesson of all. The importance of a fabulous frock and shoes and hair. Now we’re talking!


  1. I did that – as soon as I could get Chloe out of the whole Dora thing we went to Wizard of Oz, Annie – You know the real classics !! Mind you her favourite movie at the moment is a wierd old Dr Zuess movie I found it’s kinda like the muppets – Dr Zuess kinda freaks me out so I’m not real sure but I’ll go with it!

  2. My little girl recently discovered Oz too. I too thought she’d be scared witless by the witch and monkeys but no. I can’t wait until we can share all of my favourite films and books together.

  3. Wizard of Oz rules – hands down best messages ever {and hey, totally with you on the oil can sound – brilliant!}

  4. We watched it too!

    In fact today whilst the girls were colouring, I had TCM playing in the background, singin’ in the rain was on – they both abandoned colouring to watch it!

    It goes without saying I often make jokes that I live in ‘Olivia, the musical’ as she’s ALWAYS singing. hehe.

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