Postcard from Paradise No.5

The weather has been a little, shall we say, dreary up here. To put it in perspective, this will be the 9th (?!) day in a row that we have had rain, or drizzle of some sort through out the day. Sure, we have had moments of sunshine, and in these I am straight outside, into the pool, trying to soak up some rays. But then it inevitably rains again. No real complaints here as I am having a lovely time being away, and with my family, and not in the city, but cabin fever is settling down upon me.

Before kids a rainy holiday could be delightful. Puzzles, books, so much uninterrupted reading before you, sleep ins and late nights watching films, sex whenever you wanted – oh the ways to fill a rainy day are endless. Kids? Notsomuch. The constant need to entertain them, only to try to get them to rest to then clean up after them and start it all over again until trying to get them to sleep again to a few hours of non child time where you inevitably get over excited by said no-child free time that you stay up too late only to realise that you have to get up to a toddler too many times who needs a blanket pulled up, or a drink or something to a newborn who needs to be fed. It’s EXHAUSTING people. In fact, I think I need a holiday!
So we are filling our days with books and colouring in and making biscuits and watching Ice Age 3 for the eleventy billionth time in between rushing down to the pool when we get a few rays of sunshine.
And there has been plenty of this…for the children at least.

But. Enough of the rain already. Mmmkay?

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