One of "those" days

Yesterday. Was one of them. You know ’em. If you kids you surely know ’em. It certainly wasn’t the best way to start my first day 2010 with both kids alone. Daisy told me both that she wanted to kill me, and that I was stupid. Charming no? She also threw in for good measure that I was annoying and that she wasn’t talking to me. Yes, that’s right she is not yet 3. Sweet baby cheeses give me strength! For the record I am not quite sure where she got the killing thing from. She knows that when this is said that it is very much not acceptable and is a guaranteed one way ticket to her unhappy (time out) place aka the laundry.

Harper slept (but not for stretches longer than 40 mins) but she did her best to deal with the battle of Macdonald women that was going down between Daisy and myself. Daisy didn’t sleep at lunch despite being extremely overtired (she was awake from 2am to 4am and then up for the day at 5am) and spent the rest of the entire day screaming at me like a drunken woman on whiskey then doing a 180 and being in love with me and attaching herself to me (literally hanging onto me) and not letting go. THEN she would accidentally on purpose stomp around Harper who was laying on the ground and accidentally on purpose stomp ON her.
And in between ALL this chaos I found myself eating my body weight in chocolate & chocolate chip cookies and Mersey Valley Cheddar and more chocolate and actually anything and everything. To ease the pain and the terror of it all. Better than gin I suppose?
People, tell me that this bad day is NOT a sign of the year to come. Tell me that this was a one off and that all days going forward shall not be as bad as this? Tell me that my daughter is indeed not secretly getting stuck into the vodka and will not actually kill me. Nor that I am stupid or annoying. Please…
Today? Well I am starting over. Daisy is at daycare (thank sweet baby cheeses again for that) and I am going to catch up on some rest. And tonight I am having dinner with 2 of my old (boy) friends – Neil & Pip (aka Aunty Chenille and Pippany Rae) who will make me forget for a few hours that I have any children at all, and that I actually am interesting, and fun and was once quite the person to spend time with. There may even be some vodka on the cards for ME. And maybe, just maybe things will be better on Wednesday.


  1. That day sounds totally brutal. I loathe days like that. Chocolate and cheese are the only solace. Yay for childcare, I am counting the minutes until school starts – holidays are HELL

    Cait 🙂

  2. Faaaaarrrrrk. Sounds beyond hideous. Over-tired kids are always the devil’s spawn – so hopefully that played a pretty huge role. Enjoy your serenity and vodka xx

  3. From the other side of the (parenting) fence I can tell you that this is NOT a sign of permanent behaviour in your gorgeous three year old, and you are neither stupid or boring. As for the kid getting stuck into the vodka….. I can’t be sure.

    As a teacher I have had the “I’m going to kill you”, and “I hate you” thrown at me. It’s a lot easier to take a step back when it’s not your own flesh and blood, but I try to see these kind of tantrums as communication – and the meaning is never what the words might convey.

    Daisy (maybe) was saying “I’m tired, I want to go back to that fun holiday place, Oh Sweet Baby Cheeses I’m tired”.

    How to deal with it? I have no idea. But know that when she says she wants to kill you it’s because she really loves you – she knows that there is no one else on this planet that she can say that to, and expect them to continue loving her.

    Have a fabulous dinner!

  4. Good golly! Is that what I have to look forward to!!

    We all have those days (and those nights) but I bet today she’ll be as good as gold. I hope.

    Until then, bon appetit!

    Lou xx

  5. Oh dear, sounds like my household. I feel your pain!

  6. Please. If you’re stupid or annoying then we all are.

    But I’ll tell you what IS stupid and annoying, these phases. I am SO OVER THESE PHASES. Mister’s latest is “hate.” I hate this, I hate that. Thankfully, no I hate you but I know full well that it’s just a matter of time.


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