Murphy’s Law

An event which is possible (non zero probability) will almost surely take place. Although, in this case, emphasis is put on the possible bad occurrences.

So last night (after a bed time of hell) my little 12 week old Harper slept through the night. The whole night. From 6.30pm until almost 7am this morning. Bless her world. Although….I was awake with Daisy from 12.30am until 2am (she was just awake. Plain and simple awake and couldn’t go back to sleep and because she keeps creeping into our bed every night and it’s oh so easy to just let her – but starts a bad habit and I so don’t want her in our bed when she is 15 – I decided to play hard ball which meant that I had to stay with her) and then again at 5.15am.


My old nemesis sleep is rearing it’s ugly head. But it’s not like it ever goes away, it’s not like there is ever a night without some sort of sleep issue – I just make a real effort not to write about it on here because a) it’s boring b) I have kids and it comes with the territory so shut up already and c) it’s been so bad for so long now that I don’t know any different and d) it’s boring and e) I’m not calling out for help or in desperation which it can sometimes comes across as and I will have my mother and mother in law sighing again and f) it’s boring.
My main problem at the moment is the day time sleep, or lack thereof. Daise has dropped it – and that’s fine. Really. I have no problem with this so long as she can keep her shit together for the rest of the day. This, however, she has been having trouble with. By 4pm things go down into a spiral of awfulness, tantrums, satan like behaviour which is baaaaaaad. Shit o’ clock starts at 4 and ends when she is finally passed out at 6.15pm or thereabouts. And that is one good thing about it all – the early bed time which has given Rob and I the whole evening together for the first time in a loooooong time. We don’t quite know what to do with ourselves – we have been eating nice dinners, having actual conversations, and of course watching as much bad TV as we can. Clearly this is becoming a problem for me as I am actually convinced that Katie Price is a nice person and great mother, and that Kendra and her husband seem like nice people – enough already with the reality TV Beth.
But, back to the moaning…where was I? Oh yes. No day time sleep. I provide ideal napping conditions – cool, darkened rooms, movies to watch, post-lunch loveliness that sends me into a slumber, but her? Notsomuch. So then the afternoons are spent at home (because if we get into the car she passes out and at 4pm that’s not such a good time for a sleep) and if we go to the park she gets even more exhausted which leads to an even worse tantrum (if that is even possible because she is even more tired) so the afternoons are spent getting cranky at each other. Bored and cranky.
So. What to do? I think eventually she will just cope better with the no sleep. Right? And I am certainly enjoying the early start to my evenings without kids. So that is worth the few hours of shittiness right? And if she wakes at 5.30/6am every morning regardless of when she goes to sleep it’s better to get her to sleep as early as possible. Right? And I can’t believe I am actually going to ask this but…any suggestions?


  1. Early bathtime before dinner followed by quiet pursuits eg drawing/reading often calms and semi revives without spoiling early bedtime

  2. Keep at it with the nighttime ‘not in my bed’ it’s hell – but yes, who wants to share a bed with a teenager {you’re not Keith Richards}. The lack of daytime sleep is a killer – but she will grow out of the crankiness. I assume you’ve instigated ‘afternoon quiet time’ one hour or so of just nothing, apart from some godawful dvd.

    But mainly – yay for Harper sleeping through!

  3. We are dealing with the same 2 year old “I’m so grown up, I don’t need sleep” issues over here too, so I wish O would take a leaf out of Harpers book and sleep thru 😐 I’m yet to find anything that works other than early bedtime. If I happen to stumble across a magic fix anytime soon I’ll give you a yell!

  4. With us, Archer (Nearly 2.5) has two scenarios.

    Most days:

    Arvo sleep (2hrs) and then we struggle to get him asleep by 8:30.

    or sometimes:

    No arvo sleep. Struggle to keep him up from 5ish. Asleep at 6.

    He determines if he sleeps in arvo or not. He still goes in cot for at least an hour for quiet time.

    He gets up any time from 6am, no matter what time he goes to bed.

    I think??? I prefer the no arvo sleep days, as the nights are our own!

    Oh and congrats on sleeping thru the night!

    I am the worst sleeper in our house, and I wish I could sort myself out! lol.

    Wishing all great zzzz’s tonight!

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