Just the 3 of us

So. Holidays are over. As of this morn. Poor Rob trotted (actually it was more of dragging his feet) out the door this morn on his way to the office. I must say in some weird way I kind of wished I was as well. At least in the office people are interested, I would have had people ask how our break was, I could have eased myself into the day by blogging, then reading blogs, checking facebook then perhaps gotten a coffee. Then before I would have known it, it would be lunch time and then of course in the afternoon another little break.

Instead, I have a toddler demanding an ice block for breakfast 708 times all before 8.30am, a baby who wants to feed and NOT play and feed some more. And I feel tired….last night I was up with Daise from 2.14am for about an hour as she was hot and just generally WIDE awake. I eventually persuaded her into our bed at 3.45am and had approx 2 mins sleep before Harper woke for a feed and was WIDE awake laughing and looking for a good time until I persuaded her to go back to sleep at 4.45am. Jeepers! And boy has it been hot since we have been home. The nights are nasty, muggy, hot and still. Where have my cooler, country nights gone?
And it also appears that we left behind our happy relaxed toddler on holidays. Since we arrived home we have had more time outs in one afternoon then we had over 2 weeks. We have her back to school tomorrow which she is NOT looking forward to, and did I mention that she wants an ice block? She does. On the plus side…THANK YOU sweet daycare for taking my child tomorrow. Sure I pay you an outrageous amount of money and most of the time you make our daughter miserable for a part of the day, but thank you! It will be the first break I have had from Daise in many weeks and I am SO looking forward to a much quieter day with Harper tomorrow.
But…I will try and hold onto some of the relaxation that we had over the past few weeks. I will try not to get back into old habits, will try and do some new things with the kids and not depend on the TV so much for entertainment for Daisy so I can get some stuff done.
I just think I will start tomorrow. Cause I’m too tired today.


  1. Oh, I hope your day improves. I thought it was only adults who left the relaxation behind on holidays! Hurrah for daycare!

    PS; Have an iceblock…

  2. Personally I think Mondays should be banned. I’ve never met a person who likes Mondays and why would you?!

  3. Bring on daycare!!!

    Hope your day gets better 🙂

  4. I am constantly amazed at how parents continue to function with interrupted sleep! If I had a night like that (….. hmmm, I think I soon will!) I’d be a wreck! I guess we just adapt.
    Take it easy and enjoy the one on one time with Harper.

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