I have been fobbing you all off with (fabulous) photos of the farm and the kids with no real updates or information so thought that I would cover off a few bits and pieces, odds and ends, bibs and bobs, so to speak.

The photos though, haven’t they been wonderful? My film making husband has an eye for the still camera as well and I can take no credit for any of them. At all. Thanks for taking them Rob and for capturing the best kind of un-posed moments this holiday.
This holiday. Well, it ends tomorrow. Well Friday morning we are leaving and heading back to the big smoke. I am looking forward to getting back to our own house, Daisy’s own toys and making more of a mess than we have been. Actually, no. I’m not at all. I am a complete liar just trying to talk myself into it. I am desperately unhappy that our family time will be over, that I can’t wear Daisy out with swims in the pool and that every night after the kids are asleep we can’t go out into the early evening light and have a drink, a natter, and a really good meal. No more Quality Street chocolates, and morning and afternoon teas. Oh SIGH bloody sigh. Back to daycare and routines and Rob at work and running errands in the car all. the. time. SIGH. Anyway, we have today and tomorrow so let’s just put our heads back in the sand.
We do have something to look forward to upon our return which will make things a little more bearable. A wedding! On Saturday! One of Rob’s oldest mates and old flat mate is getting married to a friend of mine. We didn’t know that they had got together it was only at another friends wedding that we discovered the connection. I was seated next to the bride to be, Kate, at my oldest friends wedding and we were catching up, as you do, after many years. She wanted to know all the details of meeting Rob, were we really engaged after just 4 months? Yes, yes we were. Did I propose to Rob? Why yes, yes I did. It was a leap year after all. Did we have Toto’s song Africa as our bridal waltz? Yes, yes we did. It’s a GREAT song, so why not? She then told us about this guy that she met overseas who was quite keen on her. She was living in London at the time, and he in Australia, but they met OS somewhere. She said that she quite liked him, but just wasn’t sure where things would go. Rob (without knowing it was his old friend he was talking about) said that he could just be a nice guy, and to go with it, because there are nice guys out there, just look at him. The next night she caught up with the mystery man and was relaying the details of our catch up. She talked about Rob and I and how at our wedding we had Africa as our bridal waltz. He then said that there couldn’t be many people in the world who had that as their bridal waltz and said that he was MC and that very wedding. Was it Rob and Beth he was talking about? Why yes, yes it was! What a small world. And now they are getting married. It’s awesome. It’s going to be a great day (and afternoon) by the harbour. A day without kids and champagne and Sydney Harbour will be just the thing to ease my post holiday blues.

But. I have left my supply of breast milk for my Mum to feed Harper with a little late. I stupidly thought I could get away with giving her formula for the day (it’s a daytime wedding 10.30am until 7pm at night) but when I tried her yesterday on formula, in fact just a bottle, she thought I had lost my mind and forgotten what to do. So that didn’t work out so well. For either of us. But then I expressed, and she took that in a bottle so now I have 3 days to work up enough milk for about 3 feeds for her, all while feeding her. Bugger. Let’s hope I can get pumping away.

And the other thing I left a little late? The frock. I sort of just didn’t think through the fact that we would get back Friday afternoon, and have the wedding first thing Sat morn. And the fact that I am a fat(ter) mole than when I started this holiday what with the whole eating my body weight in everything every day. So anyway. No frock. And a fat me. And a country town to get something from. Not good options people. Anyway, yesterday I headed into said country town and manged to get a frock which should work. Well I hope so. It could be borderline nanna, although I am hoping that it comes off more 60’s mod shift. You decide when you see the snaps post weekend.

Oh, and I keep being un followed through Google Blog Reader thingy. I had a measly 34followers and in the last few days I have lost 2. Why? Why do they forsake me?! All of a sudden I am back in High school being dropped from the cool gang because I am not interesting enough. Were the photos too much? Not enough? Am I not interesting enough? Pretty enough? Is it because I am not whinging all the time? Is it because I didn’t have a supply of breast milk in the fridge just waiting to go? A frock not organised for a cocktail wedding lunch? WHY??????

And clearly all this rambling will lead to a further drop in readership. Best I get back to the big smoke and start doing something interesting. Or something to bitch about at least.


  1. I’ll never drop you m’dear!!! I remember when that happened to me, and I stressed, and pondered, went back over posts to see if I could have offended… And it turns out one reader had accidentally followed me twice under different aliases {or something} and the other one just hated me {I guess}.

    You’ll look fabbo in any frock – accessorise!
    You’ll pump enough breastmilk {I’ve seen those floatation devises – surely there’s enough for five babies!!!}
    You’ll have a fabulous time xxx

  2. Hi Beth, just wanted to give you a little G-up! I love reading your blog, it always gives me a laugh. Poo to whoever dropped you!

    Keep it up…and happy last-day-of-holidays!


  3. Please give Hugh and his bride a huge hug and best wishes from me. You will have a fab time, look fab and Harper will survive xxx They are great photos.

  4. Hi Beth
    I just ‘followed’ you – although I’ve always been reading but I like google reader better. I google follow a few blogs but don’t actually use that function to read the blogs, if you get what I mean.
    Anyway, your stats look a little better now 🙂
    Thanks for the update, good luck with the dress and the milk.
    Above all, have an awesome night at the wedding, I love the story about you and Rob and your friends.

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  6. I lost a follower too this week….oh, come back little sheep 🙁

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