Disney dilemmas

Like any parent who has had a 3 year old daughter, I am deep in the trenches of Disney Princesses at the moment. I really tried to resist (ha!) them, like I did The Wiggles and Dora, but here I am surrounded by cheap polyester costumes, and repeated after repeated viewings of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid.

Christmas brought a whole library full of the books. Santa (what was I thinking) even gave her a few copies of the stories and my sister went the whole hog and purchased Daise the Princess Treasury (or something equally ridiculously titled). Every night we have to read one of the stories, every day one of the costumes that were handed down from a friend at work are worn, and almost every day we have a viewing of one of them.
At the moment we have 2 on the go. Cinderella and The Little Mermaid (AGAIN). We got them from the video (are they even called this anymore?) store last week and I am grateful that they have to be returned on Thursday. Bless the concept of the video store….if we owned these suckers they would be on 24/7! Anyway, after watching these for the eleventy billionth time I have a few questions for old Walt.
Where are Ariel’s pants/bottoms when she gets her legs and is landed on the beach awaiting Eric? There she is in her clam bikini top with her bare legs out of the water but WHERE ARE HER PANTS? Huh? Sure enough she gets some sort of sack frock not long after – but the pants! Where are they?
Why does Ariel proclaim that she LOVES Eric after just one viewing? Honestly Ariel are you willing to sacrifice it ALL after just one viewing? You love him? Really?
Why are all the princesses 16? Why will my little lady think that when you turn 16 that she must fall in love and get married? 16? Jeepers.
Why are all the step mothers “cold and evil women”? I actually think that the Queen in Snow White is quite fabulous looking – in any case she has fabulously shaped eye brows & eye make up going on.
And so on. And so forth. The questions that come from my little why’er are stretching even my imagination. I don’t know why Ursula gets big. I don’t know why the step mother is so evil. I don’t know why Bambi’s Mum dies, or why there is a fire in the forest. I don’t know why the step sisters are mean. I don’t know why she horse turned into a coachman and NOT a horse.
I guess I really shouldn’t complain too much. I mean it could be worse. Much worse. It could be Bratz or Hannah Montanna right? Tell me, what comes next? No actually don’t. But tell me, how long will this fascination last for? Just how many more times will I watch Ariel hop out of the water….WITH NO PANTS ON?!


  1. As a step-mother myself, it annoys me that Disney has set such a high standard for step-mothers. I will never achieve that level of evilness, no matter how hard I try!

  2. I can’t handle that both Ariel and Aurora (in Sleeping Beauty) fall in love after meeting the prince once either!

    I thought that there was no way my girls would be into these movies either, but this stuff is like crack.

  3. And what’s with a name like Prince ERIC? No offence to all the Eric’s out there – but it’s hardly damned regal. Maybe that’s why he falls for the chick with no pants.

  4. Kelly – I can’t tell Daisy that 2 of her grandmothers are actually STEPMOTHERS as she would be totally confused that these women that she adores are these “cold and evil women”!
    Aneets – PEREFCT description for this stuff- crack for toddlers! Ha
    PPMJ – I agree – Eric is a pathetic name for a handsome prince. May as well be Graham (apologies to Eric’s & Graham’s)

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