Bridal Bliss

I spent most of Saturday with my Mum and little sis (bride to be) scouring bridal magazines and getting completely obsessed with all things wedding related. Have you ever dipped into the world of bridal blogs? Oh my stars. The photos! The FABULOUS weddings that people have! I have a new passion people. I fear I may just turn into Maidzilla. Which is a little strange because when I was arranging our wedding (almost 5 years ago now eeek!) I was NOT. At all. But knowing me and my love of band wagons and hopping on them, this will be a new fav past time.

I also did the first bit of exercise that I have done in a loooooooong time with my little sis. She is quite focused on getting fit and fab for her big day and with a goal to work towards I have decided that I need to work on the tide of flesh that is spilling forth from my stomach. We did a 7km walk (and even ran some sections of it) with little Harper in the pram. I was exhausted by the end of it and looked like I had just given birth – but hey it’s a start. Now once I can walk again (did I say I was a little *ahem* stiff after this exercise) I will try and do something again. If I am going to uncover my fabulousness in 2010 I may as well look the part too no?


  1. I keep telling myself the same thing about the exercise, it’s damn hard work though! Might just have to suss out some bridal blogs now too 😉

  2. WOOP WOOP!! Nothing quite like flicking through those beautiful mags. What fun it is doing it with you!

  3. How can you not get caught up in it all?

    Went through same thing with my sis, and it’s amazing how different it was after mine 10.5 years ago!!!!

  4. Wow – you’re really taking this bridesmaid stuff seriously! PS – I have left you an award over at my blog :o)

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