This weekend was a bit of a half half. Half good, half not so good. Half stinking hot and the other half much cooler.

Friday night and Saturday were REVOLTINGLY hot. As in only down to 30 degrees or something at night which is far too hot for a lady like me. We planned to head down to see my brother who was on holidays for the week down the coast. So we left home at 8.30am (it was already 36 degrees!) and went to the beach. We had a very hot morning at a great little spot in the National Park swimming (and Harper and I hanging in a tent). We left just after lunch to head to their fabulous holiday place and all sat down to a great lunch and to watch the southerly change blow up the coast. No better place to watch the weather than right on the coast – it was heavenly to feel the temperature cool down in just 10 minutes. We spent the rest of the day in the cool, walking in the wind, flying a kite and literally chilling out. I felt like we had been away for days not just hours it was fabulous.

Then we got home with 2 very overtired children and things proceeded to go downhill from there. Daisy had not 1 but 2 night terrors which were bound to happen with so little sleep she has had all last week. So that was fun (NOT) and then I spent yesterday licking my wounds from said terrors and feeling a little sorry for myself. Sushi on Stanley finally lifted my spirits at about 3pm but it was too little too late – the weekend was almost over.

So here we are at the start of another week. I am determined to ensure that Daisy gets plenty of rest so we can reboot her system, and just generally take it easy which will be all helped tomorrow by a public holiday! Yay!


  1. Chloe has been the same this weekend – we managed to make it out a little bit on the weekend but I think it will be a very quite around the house week for us. It’s funny how they seem to have so much energy and yet tire out so quickly. I’ll probably get the balance right once she turns 18….

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