3 months

If you can believe it (because I can’t) our little lady is 3 months old today. And what changes we have seen over the past month. She has found her voice well and truly, babbling away to herself and to whoever will listen and it is quite simply the most adorable thing in the world to listen to. She has also worked out that those things she sees in front of her are actually her hands, attached to her arms, and she has begun to constantly suck and chew on them. Her sleeping has also gotten much better, she manages to settle herself to sleep (almost) every sleep now, and the nights only require one feed in 12 hours.

She is absolutely delightful. Pure and complete joy and no worries at all. As she starts to show signs of her personality – her determination and good humour – we all can’t wait to see the fabulous lady that she is just waiting and going to be.


  1. What a cutepie!

  2. Adorabubble!

  3. gorgeous we have to come visit soon for cuddles x

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