2010: Year of the "Why?"

I am still licking my wounds from a play date this morning that went terribly bad. I am still ASHAMED of my daughter and her behaviour and I have no doubts that the friend and her poor daughter are now on an urban tour of Sydney spreading the word about Daisy and her ways. Honestly, the kid was ATROCIOUS. But let’s not go there. The pain and embarrassment are still too raw for me.

I have a feeling that this year is going to be about the why. I am quite serious when I say that I am asked this question potentially 761 times a day. And they are endless. They DO NOT END. The stream of whys that can come from just one question may last for 5 minutes. And I try to answer them, but by the 54th time I start to quietly loose my patience. This kid, she is trying to BREAK me. Rob on the other hand is better, he takes the time and actually explains the answers to the whys. In this process I have actually learnt a thing or two about ancient Rome (I am not kidding he goes into that much detail) and usually, she shouts up after about 11 or 12 whys with him. Clearly, I need to take lessons from him.

But I have a few little whys for the little lady myself. And as she is not really interested in answering them for me, I thought I would get them down anyway. It might make me feel a little better at least. So here goes.


Why do you wake up at 5am every morning even if you are not ready to wake up and have clearly not had enough sleep? Why? Why wouldn’t you just sleep in until like 7, or maybe even just 6.30 (hey I am generous)? WHY?

Why is it that sometimes when you wake on these early mornings that you are in SUCH a foul mood? Why is it that until you have some milk that you are unbearable? Is the milk like your morning coffee?

Why do you not listen to me? When I say that you can’t have an ice block at 7am and then keep saying no, why do you persist in asking me? Do you think you can break me? You can’t.

Why do you have trouble sharing? Why is it that this morning you were UNABLE to share ANYTHING? EVERYTHING and anything. WHY?

Why do you persist with bad behaviour when you know it will only lead to a time out. And in tears? Do you like resisting me just because? WHY?

Why do you refuse to nap or rest during the day when you are clearly EXHAUSTED? Why do you resist the sleep? I would give ANYTHING for a rest in the middle of the day and yet you? Notsomuch. Why do you resist when you know that it is just going to lead to a baaaaad afternoon with guaranteed tears and time outs? WHY?

I tell you, this week has not been my best. Parenting never fails to surprise me. Just last week I was having the best time with the kids and then this week? It’s like Daisy has been possessed with some kind of satanic monster. All the while still being knocked down with the most pure love and joy from her little sister who is adorable. Delicious. Sweet. (don’t worry I know her time will come. Oh yes it will come.) I know that there will be plenty more of these very weeks to come, but right now I will just dust myself off and start again tomorrow.



  1. Oh you poor, poor, poor, poor thing. That’s just all too much for one person to deal with. I really hope that it’s just some sort of after-holiday meltdown and that next week the gal’s back on normal tracking. It must be dreadfully dispiriting.

    And don’t worry about the other mum, she’s probably now just on a high about her child’s behaviour! All kids have their rotten days.. some just last longer than others.
    Does Daisy have an alarm clock? Maybe you could set it till 6pm so she has to stay in bed quietly until then…

    And as for the whys – just go with short and sweet answers – or “let’s ask Google”!

    Hugs – and have a nice champers tonight!!!

  2. Aww, poor you! What a frustrating day. Just remember that your chance for vengeance will come hen you’re old and gray and she has to wipe your bum. Revenge is a dish best served cold, after all.

  3. I think your flower child and my flower child may, in fact, be the same person! 5 am is a brutal time of the day and I have seen far too many of them!

    I hope things are looking up for you soon! x

  4. No pearls of wisdom of my own to offer yet, but try this: http://childhood101.blogspot.com/2010/01/invasion-of-body-snatchers-dealing-with.html
    And let me know if any of it is useful!

  5. Hi, delurking to say I think I know how you feel. Have a 3 yr 2 month old son and a baby boy who I guess is around the same age as Harper ( 3 months ish?) . The 3 yr old has really hit his straps in the tantruming stage and would be taking gold silver and bronze in the olympics for ” You’re too little / big for that” ” You can’t have that” ” Mine” stakes. I tell you at 5 to 6 every evening my head is in my hands and I am willing the squeaky bloody front gate to open already and “get a second pair of hands in here for christs sakes!”.
    Great blog, am really enjoying reading your posts.

  6. I have a ‘why-er’ too… and he can go on and on and on and on. I thought having twin why-ers was hard but this little guy can out why his sisters no problem at all! I feel your pain… but I am sure your daughters bad behaviour isn’t that unusual and the other parent is probably thinking ‘glad it wasn’t mine’.

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