2010: The Cake Off

In a couple of weeks time, our funny little Valentine Daisy will be 3. For those of you who are new readers to the blog you won’t remember the challenge that Rob set me last year for her birthday. It was over a casual discussion regarding the Humpty Cake I was making for her party when he threw away a line like “that sounds easy” or something equally as ridiculous. With that I said he should try and do it, thinking that would be the end of it. Little did I know that he would run with that, ask the 2 year old what cake she wanted HIM to make and so the annual cake off was born.

Last year we had the benefit of two celebrations for the minx – her actual birthday and then her soiree a week later. Both cakes were made and presented (and consumed) on separate occasions. Each having time to be special. This year? We don’t have the benefit of duplicate days so it will be a real ‘head to head” on her actual birthday on the 14th Feb. Guests at the party will have to judge on the day and they all better come along ready to eat some cake! Oh there will be cake!
So the two cakes that have been chosen by Daisy are as follows:
Rob: A pool.
Beth: Princess Castle.
I think that Rob has a slight advantage given that last year he already has an aquatic theme with the ocean around his shark but I am also certain that I am up for the challenge. Both cakes were chosen from the Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook circa 1982 (much loved by both Rob and I as kids). I am sure that they will be slightly varied given our creative talents, and tendency to break the rules. The main problem I have is the night before the party going head to head in the kitchen – forget Hells Kitchen – it will be tense. Tense I tell you!
Of course full presentations/photos etc will be made for you on the interwebs and of course a poll for a final once and for all decision. I have a feeling the rest of the party preps will be thrown together in a hurry without much consideration because it’s ALL about the cake off! And if my cake is anything like this Princess cake above, Rob better watch his back. Serves him right even challenging his wife in such a way. Who does that?!


  1. Oh, I remember the pool cake from that book! My Mum made it for me for one of my birthdays about a zillion years ago. I still have photos somewhere – it was a massive hit! Don’t worry though – I’m sure your princess cake will kick arse on the day!

  2. Oh Princess cake totally tops pool. May I suggest a super-fine paintbrush to dip in green food colouring to paint a vine wandering around windows? And lotsa pink glitter – that’ll get you extra votes for sure!

  3. It is all about the ice cream cones for the castle …Can’t wait to see the pics…(and get ideas!)

  4. LOVE you guys and your Cake Off!!

    (I think Rob’s is easy. A pool? PLEASE)

  5. Hey all I can say is… you just wait for this pool people. Just you wait. One word – Horizon

  6. Oh I am so looking forward to seeing photos of the cake off 🙂

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