Oh (piss weak) Christmas Tree

I have gone a little early with Christmas this year. Well for me anyway. But I have my reasons. You see, we live with a Christmas FREAK. Our little lady is obsessed with Christmas. Obsessed. As in, all year round we have to get out Christmas stories out at the library, we have to read the Christmas stories that we own and Santa (may or may not) be used as a threat for good behaviour.

These past few weeks we have been working ourselves up to a Christmas crescendo of excitement. The shops threw me (in late freaking October!) with decorations up. Daisy was beside herself – it was a real sign that Christmas was a coming! At last! Then daycare put up their decorations, and started to work on Christmas projects and practice for their Christmas concert. The excitement was a growin’!

So when we came to the 1st December yesterday I decided to get the decorations out and get the Christmas tree up. Because we are going up to the farm before Christmas for a few weeks we decided not to go with a ‘proper’ tree (we usually get a real one LOVE love love that smell of fresh pine) but instead decided to use a small conifer we have in a pot in the garden.

So. I give you. Our piss weak world Christmas Tree of 2009.

Hilarious yes? Daisy LOVES it though. And there are lights so that’s something right? And there are also an outrageous amount of Christmas lights & tinsel in Daisy’s room. She is one happy lady. She spent the rest of yesterday afternoon singing Jingle Bells to herself and immersing herself in Christmas spirit.

And the funniest thing of all? You ask Daise about Santas reindeer’s, ask what their names are and you get: Rudolf, Pransome, Handsome and Blitzen. Hilarious! I think that there will forever be a reindeer called Handsome don’t you?


  1. Oh bless! I’m with Daisy on the christmas loving, tinsel overload – love it. I am totally going to follow her lead and decorate MY bedroom with Christmas baubles…

  2. Kids + Christmas = Happiness. I can’t wait to have a lil one to share the excitment with.

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