Next generation

Since I have had Harper I have felt like there have been many more times where I have stood back and looked at myself from afar and felt SO grown up. I sometimes catch a glance of myself with the girls in the reflection of a shop window, or see myself drive past in our STATION WAGON and think – when did this happen? I am a mother. Of 2 kids. Goodness me.

And then there have been other times where I hear and see myself and think I am turning into my mother. And that’s not a bad thing. At all – it’s just funny that I am turning into such a mother. Doing things Mum did with us. Making the kids pose for photos that I had as a kid. And doing things that I did as a kid.

Like going to look at the Christmas windows at David Jones in the city with my cousins.

And then making the kids pose for photos together in a row.

And I am SO glad that Daisy gets to do all these things, because they are the BEST memories I have of my childhood.

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