Home Truths

We were on our way home from daycare the other day, Daisy busy chat chat chatting away to me about what she had done for the day, what she plans on doing when she gets home and (of course) about Christmas. Harper was screaming away (as per usual) and I was trying to drive as quickly as possible without getting a speeding ticket. Did I mention Harper was screaming? She was.

Anywho. Daisy says to me all of a sudden “I am 16 Mum”. I said “No baby, you are just 2, about to be 3”. She replied very sternly “No Mum. 16”. I didn’t even know that she knew that the number 16 even existed! And she said it like SUCH a teenager, and rolled her eyes at me in SUCH a teenage way that for a moment I believed that she was, indeed, 16.

Then we get home and she strolls into the lounge room and sees a new cushion that I have purchased for myself and says “what’s that?” I explained that it was a new and FABULOUS cushion for the couch and didn’t she love it? Wasn’t it fabulous? I was a little like a puppy looking for positive reinforcement for my fabulous purchase and she looks at me (like a teenager) and says “we don’t need it Mum. We already have cushions”. Then turned around and trotted out to her room to get something. I was told. And it (kind) of made sense we do already have 4 cushions on the couch….but, but, it’s FABULOUS! No?

I think she really might be 16…


  1. Fabulous.

    Never trust a teenager’s decor advice…

  2. I love it. It’s a great cushion 🙂

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