Christmas craziness

Ah jeepers what a crazy time of year this is! We had a VERY busy weekend filled with catching up with family for Christmas. Saturday we had lunch with Rob’s Mum and then yesterday we did Christmas with my family – exchanging presents for the day – the whole thing as we will all be all over the place on Christmas day. Daise even squeezed in a Wiggles concert yesterday morning – it really is madness!

Rob has to stay at work a little longer than expected so we are not heading away until Wednesday now (which I am NOT thrilled about) so we are still counting down the days until holidays. I am hanging out for tomorrow afternoon when we can have a champagne and celebrate almost 3 weeks off work! Wed morn we will be outta here – can’t say I am looking forward to the trip up to the farm seeing as little Harper does NOT like the car. Did I mention that she screams the ENTIRE time? Think I mentioned that before…but this is a 6 hour trip! Wish us luck!
I hope that the week isn’t so crazy for all of YOU!

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