Blondes DO have more fun. Or something.

When we went overseas last year for Christmas we came home via Hong Kong to stay with some friends. I LOVED the city and the people and the shopping – the lot – it was fabulous. What I also loved was the attention that we got because of Daisy. Well, we got to fast track customs cause we had a cute (blonde) kid, we got to skip many lines, and we got to start conversations with people because of Daisy. OK, so I mostly just liked the skipping (the many many) lines at the airport – the rest was a little weird.

Anyway, a week or so ago we went into the city with my sister’s kids who were up from Melbourne. We ventured into Hyde Park to have a run around and for me to feed Harper. My sister and the kids ran off and I stayed behind feeding Harper – when she came back she was laughing and when she showed me this shot of what they were getting up to, I could see why.

The two blonde kids were hand selected for some photos with Japanese tourists. A little strange that this shot will be in someones photo album on the other side of the world. And a little funny too. If only the blonde hair had the same effect for lines here…


  1. Yes, my daughter was the source of many a camera lens swivel when she was younger and blonder…

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