Witching Hour (s)

Oh 4pm to 8pm what a horrible beast you are. Harper seems to also hate this time. Which kind of sucks because Daisy also isn’t at her *ahem* best this time of the night. And it’s hard to stop the momentum of the Daisy dinner/bath/bed train to breastfeed constantly. What can I say I am new to all of this and am still learning how it all works. At frankly, at the moment, I suck at this time.

I have managed a small solution.

See that fabric wrapped around me? Harper is in it. It is a legitimate sling. Stylish too. And it works. Well right now it works, soon enough she will be too big for it. But right now? Perfect. She sleeps while I cook dinner, do baths, get dressed for bed and do books and bedtime. Hopefully soon enough she will be happy to join in the fun that is witching hour (s) and won’t that be fun!

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